Early Access version 89

Also shoot the core projectiles can be dodged with moving up and down

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By making laser barriers indestructible, shooting to the apple becomes too difficult and you have to dodge loads of projectiles and you may also get trapped.

EDIT: You can make a poll for it to see if others are agree or no.

Should “Shoot the core!” boss have indestructible laser barriers for less barrier layers?
  • Yes
  • No

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If you do that that will be impossible to take down

shoot the core has laser barriers and normal barriers. normal barriers will be untouched

That would be hard to shoot it

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no lol

I demand that the terms of Decline dare be amended
It’s getting boring and ridiculous and there’s no competition


Maybe doing his dare at least once before being able to decline that player?


Tbh, finding a random contact people to dare friendly match and you surrender at first wave (you will got a free decline ticket) is kinda overpowered.


If you stay online, yes. If you become offline and don’t use that until your next login, you’ll lose it. Some players may have created another account, because of that. That’s why they recently can gain more points constantly without even a lose. :eyes:


The game is not open in place correctly when I try use tash manager to make the game faster. IA can you fix this?

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I also had

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Looks like our computer is very poor
my is 1G :frowning_face:


The chicken was stuck when travel though the portal multiple time and can’t travel to other portal.

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Um, these are actually portals

Wow you found a special thing happended on this wave and ofcourse it wasn’t a bug

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a really?..Is that just a glitch?

well no actually.

its a rare happening