Early Access version 89

Can you remove the Danger Zone for Thundercluck, because it unnecessary

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uhm what about for new players,they’ll don’t know where the boss is gonna spawn
also try to use SSH (Superstar Hero)

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The light appear before it spawn

Server is down?

That’s not a server bug, that’s the AAE-1 is having trouble and it took almost until early November to fix it.

nope, its your internet

You can do this? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Fixed in v.90 :medal_sports: Idea

I’ve checked the code and I see the changes are immediately written to the database, so you shouldn’t lose it. Can you please confirm whether this is happening in the upcoming v.90?

What exactly do you mean? Do you raise the process’s priority?

Also, what Display mode have you selected in Options → Graphics → Advanced? (windowed/borderless/fullscreen)


I meant if someone (that doesn’t able to decline a dare) accepts a friendly match, he’ll be able to decline a dare, but if he doesn’t decline and become offline, the decline button will be unavailable for him.

Sure, I’ll check. :slight_smile:

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danger zone on the wave Thundercluck is no longer needed

They’re right, actually. The boss has no collision for the first several seconds after it spawns, which does technically make the danger zone redundant.
Of course the initial justification of “The light appear before it spawn” is utter rubbish, but strictly speaking the danger zone is unnecessary. It’s probably also not worth removing, but that’s for IA to decide.


Buy the latest difficulty. Zones and anomalies are not shown there.

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I mean, the Thundercluck should not have a danger zone, and let the IA remove the danger zone

Let it be just in case.)

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Pfff, just in case?! You know how not to calm down!! :rage:

Although, you know, it wouldn’t hurt

Just save up for this difficulty and buy it. Zones and anomalies will not be shown. Why worry about this?

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I bought this difficulty “SuperStar Hero” a long time ago!

Oh, well done.

And in general, this difficulty costs 751 keys.