Early Access version 89

oh i remember

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I’m having this problem after i installed ciu on standalone version


After downloading version 89 on stand-alone version, I’m also having this problem.


Already answered, the publisher certificate has been issued incorrectly and will be checked in the next update.


:warning: I have replaced the code signing certificate with a new one. The file name remains the same, please download v.89 again from ⬇ Download Early Access


In wave Tying Shoelaces I think should be safe zone in buttom center of the screen as in Overarching Chickens because chickens come from the buttom left and buttom right corners.


I think should remove pecking order wave intedimentional portal no one want to get pecking order that wave

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I may ask why I was able to recover my progress? It was a long time ago

I want, and I did few times on low difficulty.


Ahem … Easy weapon training

Although it displayed a warning, the installation ran flawlessly. Thanks. <3

I can’t wait until the multiplayer in CIU is release, also Im first sign in to the web so hi to everyone


Could “its a bird, its a plane” boss shoots laser towards the player? It only has one all angle attack and 2 straight down attacks.


this is a stupid idea: when you customize your spacecraft, you can hide your HUD by press a button (yeah)

So it might shoot at the left, right or upside down if the player positions there

Could Shoot the core “laser barriers” Be indestructible? maybe the outermost layer would removed bc if not is very hard

The apple will shoot more projectiles, as more barriers get destroyed. This makes it too hard.

Also shoot the core projectiles can be dodged with moving up and down

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By making laser barriers indestructible, shooting to the apple becomes too difficult and you have to dodge loads of projectiles and you may also get trapped.

EDIT: You can make a poll for it to see if others are agree or no.