Early Access version 84

iA, may I ask why you didn’t assign me the 4th Medal Medal?

Wait is it actually in-game?



The lesson in all of this, of course, is that I shouldn’t create joke medals that must be subsequently supported for all eternity.


Put it in the game then


Based on the result of this poll: Tier-related poll
Can you extend the tier cap (currently tier 99) to tier 200?

There is no point in extending the cap if it has no benefits, like access to harder missions etc. Even now not all levels give you something interesting.

Tier 120


I mean, they don’t do anything useful past tier 40 anyway, so if we’re following that logic the cap must be at 50.


Thing is, it provides a somewhat reliable source of keys for newer players. That is absolutely a useful thing.


I mean yeah, but I see no harm in removing a tier cap. What I’m saying here is that both moves have the same effect; that being none at all.

Besides, tier 55 is well past the realm of “newer” players.

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This seems like a good idea, although I might modify changing it into every 1 billion points, but you get some random perishables, as well as keys. For example: 15 Jets, 200 keys, 25 extra lives, etc. The numbers could use modification if it’s too unbalanced.

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Ain’t a billion a bit too much


Bad wording on my part. But people might still need a lot of keys to upgrade stuff at that point.


50 is large. I prefer the same 40. There are no differences between a 40 tier and 99 tier guy.
Or maybe adding limits for reaching next tier is better, if tier cap is going to be reduced.

The keys aren’t enough. We’re talking 150-200 keys per tier, while upgrades for weapons at the bare minimum are some 400-500 approx. Besides, you get more keys getting to that tier than the tier bonus itself. I’m saying that removing the tier cap has as much effect as reducing it to 40. Though personally I’m in favor of removing the cap entirely, since then tier becomes a better representative of how much one has played the game. By applying the formula, some players should be in tier 120, whilst others are around 200, yet both display tier 99. So yeah, that’s why I want to remove the tier cap entirely.

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Yeah, I’d much rather remove the tier cap, too.


Although this formula doesn’t match out to Tier 0, a friend of mine explained that score requirements for tiers are calculated like this:
where x is the tier you wanna reach
so, for example, if you want tier 2147483647 you need 2305843006000000000000000 points

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credit emrol pls

Of course, thans @Sammarald


The maximum tier requirement for the missions is 40, which you see in retro missions, so yeah. 40 is enough.