Early Access version 72

Why should Blue_Ocean be banned for? I’m following the story here. I’m very curious…


He broke a rule IA made:


iA could you take a look at this post:

Could this be enabled at Super Chick too, but from 100% difficulty?


what about the laser crab and king crab?

I suggested in before:

Now that’s just medal grinding. Laser crab’s lasers and king crab’s lasers are already alrernate (kind of).

missing fullstop

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Once again i didn’t get my medal (for v.71)



IA, can you disallow the player to use a skill during the Ironman Competition? Because it already uses SSH.

Skills are already disabled on ironman

The skill is already disallowed in the competition

Ucho 5 when? uco 5 when?
Isn’t possible to have all 4 ucos on Ironman?

Hey iA, Would you consider adding Ninja Chick boss into ciu since we’ve got feather fields mission?
Or maybe perhaps add this boss in the final release?

I can say that ur account gonna reset soon

Ironman? No. It’s own wave? heckin’ yes.

If it’s disallowed, why the sign is not shown?

It’s look like I need to wait for you to fix this issue until the Thai-style language’s balanced day will be solved.

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Medal should go to @ordinary_ryxt if accepted, as he mentioned it first.


You can’t mount any skills you want for competitions. SSH skill will be applied automatically in hard daily missions / Ironman competition, even if you don’t have one.