Early Access version 72

Why not yourself?

Nope. Maybe this is your network problem. Try phone hotspot to connect.

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Oh, well it was suggested by someone else, too lazy to search.

Wa-wtf?! Are these guys doing excersize discreetly?

Slob is slow just because they like too. When they wanna fast, they will

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@InterAction_studios uhhh could you make that button gray instead

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what a nice ending

Also iA, is Interdimensional Portals’ pecking order meant to be like it is?

The first chicken you needed to hit was the one where my spaceship is, and the second one was where my pointer is. The third one has the :warning: and so on.

I have achieved over 8.777.000 but the message said that I scored 0. WHY?!!! That’s not fair i lost 19 point

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did you end session more than once


i think yes because my internet had a problem

In that case, you should’ve assured that your internet would have been working.

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All dares expire after 3 days, so you don’t need to respond immediately. Next time, wait until your connection become better.

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Ah, right. Sure, I’ll put that in when the time comes.

This is the third time I’m mentioning this, but Pecking order is not about killing everything (we have Clean Sweep for that), it’s about killing in order. You’re allowed to miss some enemies.

Disconnections are the only reason why a mission may be disqualified.

It makes their auto-lock cone wider, the beam’s visual appearance remains the same.


Probably because I’m rotating the wave 180o to flip it.

Because you might not kill them in strict up-to-down (or down-to up) order.

Confusion with what? The “old way”? No, just learn the pattern using the new rules.

Not very effective on most bosses. The point of the darkness is that you can’t see other enemies/projectiles until they get too close, but in most boss fights, only the boss shoots projectiles and other enemies don’t enter the screen from arbitrary points.

Then 7 would show at 120%+. No.

Changed in v.73 :medal_sports: Idea

Too much hassle.

He’s not in your contacts. Only contacts can be friendly-dared .


No. First, Multiplicity is implemented via a hack – that’s why I can’t randomize which enemies spawn. Plus, the whole point of creating a special Super Chick for Multiplicity is that the regular chick is not suitable.

Fixed in v.73 :medal_sports: Bug. Although, I think both directions are valid since cages spin around 360o.

Because you forgot who you are? :smirk: Detail

No they can’t due to a technical limitation (the sames reason as “I can hear enemies firing outside the screen” on that wave).

Changed in v.73 :medal_sports: Idea



Changed in v.73 :medal_sports: Idea

It’s supposed to be perspective-based (same as the Yolk Star), plus it would look weird as the yolk is squashed when taking damage. It’s fine.

Just checked the code and each of the 4 attacks has an equal 25% chance. Pseudo-random numbers tend to do that :man_shrugging:

No special-casing.

It’s intended.

Couldn’t find your game. Found you now, will award during next update.

Not easily.

The enemies only enter from the left-right.

Fixed in v.73 :medal_sports: Bug

Makes no difference – it’s unrelated.

Has been fixed in v.73

Has been fixed in v.73

Could be a kick, or just a connection problem. What is your in-game callsign?

I don’t want to make friend requests too easy, it could be abused.

How else would you translate the in-mission text?

Will try to come up with a better date system.

No, the last chicken column (from the left). In any case, looks fine to me.

Right-to-left language support is incomplete. Don’t know if/when RTL wil be supported.

Fixed in v.73 :medal_sports: Bug

A better solution would be to remove all nameless contacts. Fixed in v.73 :medal_sports: Bug

This can’t be helped. I’ve reversed it vertically to make it easier, but the horizontal ping-pong is unavoidable. Fixed in v.73 :medal_sports: Bug


Let’s aim to regenerate the galaxy before Version 75.

Before open testing you meant

It is already open.

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Should the beam get wider too or maybe Bullet Spray Expander should not work with those weapon types at all?

Almost everything is showed when pausing and environment is important enough to be showed there too.

No, the dare button is remove :stuck_out_tongue: but as a part of privacy , just like how the dare button is removed.

Wish they did :frowning:

I mean before the Steam release. The joke is succesfully ruined by me.

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“Due to the Decimal separators being broken in League inbox messages, the Galaxy Reset has been postponed to v99.”