Add Contact and Add Member in Herocam™

This is basically Add a Contact or invite someone to your squadron, but without searching him.


As you can see, this button appear when you click on a recruit, when you click one of the buttons, u will send that recuit a contact or a squadron inv that he may accept or decline.

Btw forgot to say, the ‘‘Add member’’ button will remain disabled if you don’t have any squadron owned or squadron is full.

If you try to click it disabled, a message will appear saying: ‘‘You dont has a squadron owned yet’’ or ‘‘Your squadron is full’’ depending the situation

Also, if you already has the recruit in, the message will appear saying: You already has this recruit in your squadron. (Or this squadron)

If you have 2 squadrons or more, after you select ‘‘add Member’’ u will have to choose which squadron u want to invite the recruit.

–Added part in 2st edit–
And sorry for not saying this before too: If the hero is anonymous both buttons will remain disabled and if you click them, it will say: This recruit dont has a callsign yet.

(Rlly sorry, Anonymous users :cry:, especially you, NIUX)


Sound cool for people what its to lazy writing the name of that user (And I join in this group :stuck_out_tongue:

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