Early Access version 61.2

Great, at least they’re not so annoying now, and not so cheesable.
Was it from this post though?

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The “Ingame-purchase” need a shortcut here.

I guess that’s an improvement.

I used Corn Shotgun and overheated (turned to pop corns), but received the “Iceman” medal. Is it intended?

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Yes, as you technically didn’t overheat it.


The nightmare returns with a twist! :smiling_imp:

Oops, I was actually talking about the mountables screen (extra lives, HUD items, etc). That feels more necessary than just removing four items + satellites.

The unmount all already exists on the loadout screen

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iA, how about making the description medals more roleplay-ish?

  • Daily Medals: Awarded for providing effort on cleaning the Easy/Intermediate/Elite Henpire Mobile Force.

  • Weekly Medal: Awarded for providing best efforts on protecting the fort.

  • Space Race: Awarded for the fastest recruit in securing the artifact.

  • Early Access: Awarded for joining the UHF during it’s under construction phase.

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Was forgetting to report this for at least 2 weeks but according to CI3, Yolk-Star™ should drop firepowers across the whole screen width when entering second phase (not sure about 25/50/75 thing). In CIU firepowers are too close to the middle of screen and almost don’t escape horizontal yolk bounds upon explosion, making it easier to collect all at once.

Just like how Toxics & Cowards appear at the same hard waves, how about the same with Chick Gatling Gun & Chick Lasergun? Like at hard waves they have a chance to appear together at the same wave:
  • I agree.
  • Nah.

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Wait, it does?

I’m a clever cookie.


:bulb: Reworked Cowards: Now retaliate immediately upon being damaged (even by one-hit-kill weapons), never retaliate while they’re in evade mode (3 seconds)

I’m now looking at cowards that require close combat on massive missions

what are the odds

Smth like this

Alright, scratch this debate, you just need ultra-sharp and fast hand

Now it won’t easy to use Absolver at Squawk Block missions in the next update.

I agree, it’s not that useful, but this one would be:

Also don’t make it effect Hardpoints please.

Do you guys agree on the idea I shared:
  • Yes.
  • No.
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Tbh this idea isn’t really necessary, but whatever. You can do it on Mounting Screen, so why not.

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It is useful for those who want to fill the ship with the same satellite type.

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Indeed. In CIU drops are bunched closer together, so that they still appear on-screen on “landscape” waves (where they drop from the left/right side of the screen).

Not worth fixing.