Early Access version 60

Yesterday noticed that RNG seed for drop on non-competitive regular missions is not changing after playing it. I don’t think it’s intended.

in the beggining of the Party Time wave, you can hear the chicken laugh. My idea is that you could use stereo mode in a fun way with this by hearing the laugh from the left, and the chicken attacking from that side. Same goes with the right side

When no one read the changelog:


Also, it’s better for touch screens because you don’t have to be super precise with your finger.

I’ve already answered this. It’s because you paused on the exact frame these projectiles were spawned.

Meh, ok, but the gatling takes so much fire, in 99% of cases the chick won’t survive to be seen. Added to v.61 :medal_sports: Idea

Can’t reproduce, it changes each time for me. Perhaps it was a fluke?




Oh yeah, I’m back too (only on forum doe)


Expected. You got killed by the last enemy. Barriers disappear when enemies disappear, but anomalies disappear when wave ends (which it hasn’t).

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Maybe, but yesterday it was the same 3 times in a row and we got photon swarm on egg billiard somehow.

What’s this Shady Dealer? Do they sell “Contraband”?

Or do they sell chicken drugs?

It’s based on this: The idea of Galaxy- and Ambient Events


I see. Wonder if he sells rookie for 0 keys. Any plans on the new skill level though? Or is that something we’ll put aside for now?

So will these dealers be able to be found in star systems as well? or will they just be in small hidden places in small numbers?


You are doing the same for the new lasergun chick, right?


Maybe, just maybe, also the armored chick


Can feather fields mission use CI3 and CI5 victory music?

Not necessary because they’re from ci4, that’s why they have the ci4 victory music

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This thing saves spaces at the end.


Can we use CIU Ambience for Yolk Star

The CI5 suspence sound effect is good enough to become the new yolk star theme imo

You mean Special Forces Grunt 3