Early Access version 55.2

Adding checkboxes willy-nilly is a mark of bad game design
(Pls like this sempai)

Does this ALWAYS happen when you start the game? Or is it possible for it to work correctly sometimes?

When I open the game. It just like a bunch of the mess. But when I change a graphics setting. It become almost normal but it working like


Looks like all graphics in v55 is ruined occasionally.

Oh also don’t run CIU and Chrome at once (I have 8GB installed).

I managed to reproduce that ESC + click bug again


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I recommend that but when I close the chrome it doesn’t work
Maybe a 32bit bug?

If menu keeps the background, why doesn’t it do the same after Hide UI button?

Already fixed

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Oops I missed this.

Same happend to me

This too first time

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Fixed in v55.3 :medal_sports: Bug

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That is already reported

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I know but he ask me

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This thing makes strange noise (like some part of previous theme) when switching to other theme o_ o

(possibly) Fixed in v.55.3 :medal_sports: Bug


Fun with them :slight_smile:

Do you know the way to reproduce this? Asking for a friend.

No, I don’t. But it’s obvious what is failing. See Known bugs & new features


I’ll look into it some more, but this seems expected because the music is never cut off immediately, but fades out over 100ms.