Early Access version 47

Is that because you lost half-way through? Or was it that the key rush mission was short?


Well, it was more like three-quarters through… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But BoredCelestial’s comment below still holds true. It is not currently the most efficient way of earning keys - big time investment, comparatively “average” reward.

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I think he means that it takes even longer than it should, and it’s not rewarding enough for the amount of time it takes considering you can earn way more from a normal chicken wave itself.

Anyway, it would be good if the base multiplier was increased. 100% just doesn’t cut it, as it’s actually quite meh. You can earn almost as much as a key rush by replaying a 15 wave 100% comet chase over and over. (roughly 115 keys per round, which takes about 5-6 minutes)

By the way, I think comet chases need a buff. Make it almost as difficult as CI3’s, where you can potentially get trapped?


Then maybe the solution would be to nerf comet chases. There’s already a distinct difference in how much key rushes pay off from normal invasion missions:


Key rushes:


Yeah, that’s true. But considering it’s (Key Rushes) a One-time only mission, it should be worth your time (and money spent on the phase outs and lives you brought)

Making them replayable every month (Or week if you’re generous) is sufficient, if the keys earned is best left like it currently is.

As for the comet chase… I just feel that it would be more fun to see a more difficult comet chase. The current one is extremely easy. But as for how to make it more difficult, perhaps double the comet spawn rate, or make it spawn two comets at a time? On higher difficulties, of course.
(You can still lower it’s base multiplier, considering it can still be much easier than a Meteor Storm or Supernova. This might have already been suggested though.)


This would be the best way for change.


Changed in v.48 :medal_sports: Idea

Also, reduced key boost to 0%

Changed in v.48 :medal_sports: Idea

Given that the key rush locations are (or will eventually become) well-known, that would just cause everyone to blindly flock to them each month.

Maybe moving them around would be a better option, but there’s no engine support for moving missions currently, so it’s not a straightforward change.


:warning: Due to changes in how key rush missions work, their history has been reset (so you can play them again).


YES, now I can use the H&C 101 to the key rush missions I played instead of legendary BX-9, but I got a question: If the H&C 101 is uncommon, rare or legendary would it increase the key appearing percent more than the normal one?


Rarity doesn’t increase the equipment bonus


But it decreases the size of the hitbox so it’s a partial win-win either way.


And it increases the speed of bombers.


For key rush, why one just reduce the amount of key rush mission in the galaxy (say to five) but every month it spawns a new key rush elsewhere and the existing one would be removed. This is similar to the cycling of equipement in Heroware Store. Thus, this would add to players exploring the galaxy and have indefinate keyrush missions.




@InterAction_studios The quip “Hey, free stuff. Score!” that sometimes appears with charity should be deleted or changed, as charity doesn’t give points anymore

Eh, it’s a frequent enough fraſe when ſomething good happens, ſo I think it’ s fine.

I don’t think having a quip saying “Score!” while a item doesn’t give score is fine.

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“Score!” is used as an exclamation of happiness. It doesn’t necessarily mean literal score.


I know, but some players can easily misunderstand


When you go to the ſtore and ſee that they have your favourite brand of corrugated barbique prawn and ſour cream criſps, you don’t ſay “ſcore” becauſe they’re paying you to take them.