Key rushes change

As far as I know all key rushes have the same lenght of difficulty, waves, ect. I suggest that this feature should changed, becuase its really weird and unsatisfying seeing every key rush missions exactly the same. It would be better change, if key rushes are like the other missions. With different lenght of waves, different difficulty and so on. Yes, you may be disappointed if you see short key rush mission, but when the longest key rushes are with small number, finding long mission will be even more satisfying. IA, I suggest that you should change the key rushes a bit, at least half of them. And what is that thing with 50 waves? Yes, its special mission, but it should be lowered down to 40 in my opinion. I am not against that, but I highly recommend the idea about key rushes difficulty and lenght.


I agree, key rushes now takes too much time to play and it’s super hard in the last wave

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Even if there’s short missions, IA can probably high up the key rate for them to have more balance.

Yes, and on longer key rushes iA should nerf the key spawn rate lower than a regular key rush


Then they would need to add more key rushes

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There are many ways the key-rushes could be improved, from their location, difficulty and the way keys are given.

First of all, the fact that they can be played only once is really weird, I think they should be replayable but should take a while, such as a month or 2 weeks or having them reset(in the same place) just like the rarity of the items in the shop. Making them “vanish” from the planet once they have been played would also be a good idea if they will remain the way they are now(play them once and that’s it).

Second, I think it would feel much better for each wave to give more keys rather than increase their spawn rate since it happens very frequently for a key to get dropped somewhere where you would need to lose a life or use a dimensional phaseout to get it.

Lastly, the increasing difficulty is good for normal waves, but in the case of key-rushes, I think it would feel better to have constant difficulty, or increase the number of keys as the waves get more difficult.


I personally really don’t like how they can only be played once - I’d prefer if they rng’d their way around the galaxy and you had to scavenger hunt to find them (even if they’re made rarer to balance this out).


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