Early Access version 46

Well, they already disappear when you come back after logging out, but maybe an option to toggle that could be useful

in spin class wave i moved through the Toxic chicken gas while the screen is rotating and the toxic gas didn’t destroy my ship

I reported it the first @harakat.

Can we shrink the borders where eggs spawn in Eggshell Fields wave? I mean, how are we supposed to hit an egg spawned here with Plasma? (or basically any other weapon as I doubt the hitbox really entered the play zone)


I think it happens with other weapons as well. I tested them.

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but also

did you really test if you aren’t sure about the outcome

also it doesn’t happen every time, and even if it does, we can end session as the RNG is reset every time, so if we were to penalize ending session, players who didn’t get this case would be in a great unnecessary advantage over players who did (cut clean sweep and possibly peck bonus, and up to 10k from the coin and include the chicken, which is a lot tbh)


Yes I tested a lot.

Well, weapons projectiles are deleted once they go off-screen, on the other hand beam weapons lock-on mechanism mightn’t lock on them. So your only chance to hit that egg is to use Absolver

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That’s cool but the issue here is the fact that the eggs can spawn so low and out of reach for any weapon in most cases, yes we can use heat vulcan but requiring one specific weapon to clear a wave properly is not the greatest design, also we’d need to wait for vulcan to cool down to kill the other eggs and enemies and deal with many more issues about that.
Absolver won’t hit it or will barely hit it as well as its hitbox entered the screen at the point where it’s lower than my spacecraft, not to mention absolver absolutely sucks for this wave so I’d actually be missing more by using it here instead of any other weapon, in my case Plasma, which is pretty much the only one able to peck this wave consistently

My only chance to hit that egg is to end the damn session as otherwise I’m disadvantaged against players who didn’t get that egg so low. which is another issue that can be solved by making the RNG fixed for all players


Yes, it does. i just forgot to mention that. :sweat_smile:
It also says that when i don’t have enough keys.

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There’s also the problem with waves where chickens have choices from where they can come from, like in Egg cyclone, Binary Stream, Double Helix, etc which gives players a 50/50 chance of landing an early bird bonus. IMO there should be a system to highlight where the chickens will come from, to better achieve early bird bonuses.

There’s also the Meritorious Marksmanship Medal which greatly favors the use of the already overused Plasma over weapons like Utensil Poker and other spread weapons.


That’s a different problem. Basically the fact that many things in the game favor weapons with fewer projectiles. This includes much more than that one medal. Like pecking order, slob chickens, cowards, also waves like high speed chase. This should be dealt with after WBP changes are applied.


Not sure about this but shouldn’t it be changed to missions

It’s a variation of daily challenge mission. that’s why it says mission.


Fixed in v.47 :medal_sports: Bug

Similarly to beams, toxic gas has a grace period while it appears and disappears.

That would just pronounce the player-safe blind spots at the opposite bottom corner of the screen (opposite with respect to the slanting of the eggs)

But, I can nail down the RNG for that wave… and all other waves that can be restarted for a different outcome.

:medal_sports: Idea

No, “mission” is grammatically correct.


Does that mean there are two “The Weakest Link” variants now? I don’t recall ever encountering the one with eggs, since that was the second one in CI4 (wave 102).


Uhh… no variation seems to exist… Was it @OneWingLunarian who came up with the alternate names? What did you have in mind for “The Strongest Link”?

Checking CI4 code…


Yeah, I used the wave names from CI4. I saw that CI4 had two variants of “The Weakest Link”, so I included “The Strongest Link”. Turns out CIU did not have the second variant of The Weakest Link.
Same applies to Egg Cyclone.

I sent the wave names on discord if I remember correctly.


Can we do what the “EA” Banner color be custom

  • What you can change the color of the banner of Early Access

This is so stupid

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It will be removed after release so it’s kind of pointless.

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