Early Access version 43.2

U.C.O #4


This type of U.C.O shouldn’t go down the screen where it could hurt the player with the egg guns because it’s very hard to avoid this attack.

It’s intended. all U.C.Os do that.


I know, but this one has a lot of weapons so it’s hard to dodge it’s movement attack without using special weapons.

You can just move to dodge it. He’s really fast so be careful.

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It’s really hard when it’s at high difficulty especially with Bomber Spacecrafts.

Well, use another spacecraft or buy some Maneuvering Jets

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Just move your spacecraft well and you will be fine

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I use Bombers because they got double powers, the other ones will be weak against difficult waves.

It doesn’t matter. you still need to move your spacecraft well and you will be fine.

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I couldn’t move it well because I’am trapped between 2 laser cannons and sometimes when attacking it detects the player’s position.

Even if it was weak, you’ll have to be “patient” in order to kill it with any ship other than BX ships.

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Move it slowly.

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Also use another ship rather than bomber if you wanna dodge it.

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I meant the weapon is weak against other difficult waves than boss waves.

It’s fine with boss rush missions but it’s hard in difficult normal missions because I only use Bombers.

That’s not a valid solution to me. It should never be “Uh, play like we do to purposefully avoid unbalanced gameplay.”

@SA-GoldenBoss128 use maneuvering jets and stay far from… generally all enemies when you play with a bomber. Don’t get too close to the U.C.O. (personally I don’t have problems with dodging). Also, you can look for a Legendary BX-9 which (supposedly) has a smaller hitbox and it’s faster than the regular BX-9.
If you still find it hard, you can get Dimensional Phaseouts.


Laſt I heard, it didn’t go to the bottom of the ſcreen at low difficulties.

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I agree it’s often hard to dodge ramming UCOs in a bomber, but there are indeed ways to decrease the chances of being rammed to minimum, such as using a legendary variant of the bomber, using jets and trying to stay away from it as much as possible, even at the cost of finishing the boss slower. That way you’ll mostly know when you’re about to be rammed and with fast enough reactions, end session and try again with no cost, or use a phaseout (which you should have mounted already if you’re playing boss rushes in a bomber, duh).

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Egg Cannon’s 2nd and 4th attack should be extended on high difficulty. Example: Instead of shooting 4 times only, Smokey Bolts will be shot 5-9 times. For orange lasers: shoots 16-30 lasers instead of 15

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Well, yeah.

Correct. Maybe play on an easier skill?