Early Access version 43.2

Fixed in v.44 :medal_sports: Bug


Just to add something important that was already mentioned in a previous Early Access post, weapons don’t need to be simply mathematically balanced. There are other factors such as their design (projectile or beam, spread or dense), their overheat rate, their firerate (I.e. how many chickens they can kill per second), their DPS (how much damage they inflict per second on one or multiple chickens), etc.

What I’m saying here is that even if Plasmer was to get 156000 DPS, it would perform almost exactly the same way as when it has 10 times less than that on easier missions. A notable difference would occur when you use the weapon against Chickenauts and other stronger enemies, though. Coward chickens also can’t release waste because the weapon one-hits them.

In this case the amount of chickens Plasmer can kill per second depends on both the firerate and the DPS. Right now you can kill only 5, even though it’s mathematically balanced with a total of 12000 DPS.

With that in mind, can someone who is really dedicated and has enough time (not that I wouldn’t do it myself, but I’m really busy and I’m not even supposed to be here) test all weapons thoroughly and write down everything I mentioned above?

I didn’t ask Galbatorix to do this because IIRC he has real life stuff to deal with, college I think? So yeah.


Also one more thing. Procrastinator gang, where are you at?

Currently Bombers’ pylons can’t reach PL12. Power Levels go like this:
0 - 1;1
1 - 2;1
2 - 2;2
3 - 3;2
4 - 3;3
And so on and so forth, I’m not writing a wall of text. Basically each pylon gets upgraded with each atomic powerup.

At FP20, both pylons are at PL10, and at FP30 - PL11. By this logic, @InterAction_studios, can you make it such that both pylons reach PL20 at FP40? Or it could be a bit more gradual, like so:

20 - 10; 10
25 - 11; 10
30 - 11; 11
35 - 12; 11
40 - 12; 12

This would also make Galbatorix’s dream of seeing both types of Proton Swarm projectiles on a single power level come true

Jokes aside, do you think it’s possible to do that? After all, Bombers are supposed to be what their name suggests - extremely powerful spacecraft capable of destroying everything on their way, at the cost of something. In our case that’s speed and a much larger hitbox. That would also make having such expensive maneuvering jets fairer since Bombers would offer such perks.


@InterAction_studios Is it really intended to split like that? (lighting doesn’t do that)

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Actually, that’s not quite right.
:zap:0 - 0+0
:zap:1 - 0+1
:zap:2 - 1+1
:zap:3 - 1+2
:zap:4 - 2+2
I’m sure this could be done, the algorithm just has to treat :zap:11 as :zap:20. I thought about this too, but I’m not sure if this is a good idea. For a lot of weapons, the transition from :zap:10 to :zap:20 is more significant than :zap:9 to :zap:10. This means that the BX-9 would get a much larger increase on max power than the other bombers depending on the weapon.

I still think that a 12/14/16/18 power limit would be the best option.

Ey, we can still hope for the RNG Swarm.

As for your Plasma post above, are you asking for projectile/hit count per second?

Speaking of the Plasma Rifle, I don’t know how exactly IA would like to tackle this. I’ve pretty much given up on manual fire being the default, but we still have an issue. If we bump up the automatic firerate to 6.5/s, we’ll have an okay damage output, but a horribly low max damage before overheat (which from now on I’ll be referring to as MBO, because even copy-pasting this takes too much effort. I know it sounds rubbish, but I can’t think of anything better atm).

The way I see this, we’ve got two options.

  1. We do what galbatorix proposed, and set the overheat to 13 seconds. This way Plasma will have one of the highest MBOs in the game, in exchange for a DPS that’s a bit on the low-end.

  2. If IA wants to keep a fast overheat rate, let’s do it big. Bump up the firerate to about 9/s and the overheat rate to 5s. Over 21k DPS with about 100k MBO. That way it’d be similar to WBP Laser Cannon, but just a tad bit more extreme.


To clarify counting starts from 1 when we talk about power levels. That’s why we say there are 12 power levels, otherwise if counting started from 0 we’d say 11 instead.
Sorry for the confusion, I should have clarified.

How big are we talking? Asking because I really don’t know.

I’d choose Option 2, personally. That way Plasma Rifle’s gonna be a bit more like the old Positron Stream, and the current Positron Stream has the splitting mechanic and less DPS so there’s the advantages of both weapons.

EDIT: I also noticed that you wrote an entire post about Bomber power levels so scrap everything I said earlier. On top of that IA already implemented your proposed changes.
EDIT2: It’s apparently about firerate alone so I guess don’t scrap everything I said earlier…
Source: About the current rendition of the bomber firerate fix


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Well, let’s consider the Plasma Rifle, for instance.

If we have a :zap:18 limit, we have two pylons at :zap:9, which means 2x1800=3600. Max power would be two :zap:10 pylons, so 2x2000=4000. That’s a difference of 400 damage per volley.

If the limit is :zap:20 and max power is changed to two :zap:20 pylons, then we have 2x2400=4800.
So in this case, the difference doubled.

It doesn’t look that bad when you look at damage per volley, but if you multiply it by the firerate it gets worse.

Of course, different weapons have different progressions, so it depends. The Laser Cannon, for example wouldn’t have this issue at all.


Acknowledged, but very hard to fix. Will look into it.


I don’t seem to have this bug happening. it damages them normally.

Since there’s a empty space on results screen, what about adding the difficulty it has? (i wrote x because it is an example)

U.C.O #4


This type of U.C.O shouldn’t go down the screen where it could hurt the player with the egg guns because it’s very hard to avoid this attack.

It’s intended. all U.C.Os do that.


I know, but this one has a lot of weapons so it’s hard to dodge it’s movement attack without using special weapons.

You can just move to dodge it. He’s really fast so be careful.

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It’s really hard when it’s at high difficulty especially with Bomber Spacecrafts.

Well, use another spacecraft or buy some Maneuvering Jets

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Just move your spacecraft well and you will be fine

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I use Bombers because they got double powers, the other ones will be weak against difficult waves.

It doesn’t matter. you still need to move your spacecraft well and you will be fine.

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