Early Access version 41

Just to clear it up a little for you:
You mean 3 knife throws. Each throw has 2 knives, so that’s why you said 6.

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Oh, i know that, i thinked what that was a new tweak :(, i was cheated

Armored Chickens clearly have a chicken inside, but they neither spawn a chicken when they are destroyed, like UFO chickens, nor do they drop any food, like Chickenauts. The same is true for Chick Gatling Guns, they neither spawn a chick, nor drop food.

Is this because they are fully mechanized, like the U.C.O. which only drops coins despite it being piloted by a chicken?

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Already Suggested
This is the link:Simple idea - #3 by SonicCrazyExe

I think current version of Military Chicken, even it’s a bug, it feels more challenging than before. Please don’t change it (or at least for higher difficulty keep it like that) :grinning:

It feels more dynamic.

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You aren’t the only one here. With some refinements and adjustments like making it always throw two or even three pairs of knives (4-6 total) and always dropping grenades after throwing knives, this new version of the Military Chicken could be an awesome boss.

Idea: Muller M412 [insert name here]
Satellites: 6
Exhaust: 3
Slots: 20
Role: Interstellar cargo transport
Description: [insert description here]

gonna bump my post, since i have a feeling it could have been missed. just in case.

@InterAction_studios Is this a bug?
I played Hend Game with 120 Anniversary music. When it die ,the music stop halfway, too. (sorry,no videos) while other bosses are not like that

I also want to quote myself and add more information: For that particular mission, during Chicken Exponentiality, Henperor’s health is 33.33% after it dies, so using division (subtracted from 100%) the health of Special Forces and Special Needs would be exactly the same as Henperor’s health, that means they take an unnecessarily long time to defeat.

I think Special Forces and Special Needs should have their health significantly reduced for being a smaller boss, or increase Henperor’s health and decrease Special Forces and Special Needs health accordingly if you want to keep it balance.

I don’t Replace it except in the easy missions

Can we add beta music? It sounds good.(yes i listened to it)


1- There’s a typo on the Mounts Screen.
Look at the screenshot for better understanding:
It should be:
You can’t mount more than 1 unit simultaneously.

2- The “Unmount all” button can be clicked even when all items are unmounted.
Is it necessary to have it clickable?

3- Is this intended?
That you nerfed fork’s strong bullet’s dmg to 375 instead of 400?

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Known, fixed in v.42

Yes, it’s nerfed because of WBP

When using Absolver Beam to destroy a UFO Chicken/Chick the part of the UFO still falls, it’s supposed to get destroyed too, just like how coward chickens when destroyed by Absolver Beam it doesn’t show a projectile.

It’s Intended

Using beam to deal with ufos is troublesome.

It’s the disadvantage of using it. (I don’t like tho, but it will be op if it does)

You can just re charge the beam and fire it