Early Access version 41

I know, but it’s a strong beam, it should destroy the whole UFO.

It has a separate health

Also when shooting the Utensil Poker horizontally there’s 2 differences in the forks’ position:


Utensil Poker

Already reported in v.39 >:)
and intended

Why isn’t it fixed yet?


The bullet pattern rotates with your spacecraft

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And it may look ridiculous

@InterAction_studios We should rebalance the weapon cost because the power of them are equal. Maybe 400 keys each weapon expect Beam?

IA said the prices were broken. they were cheap while all was supposed to be expensive.

Weapon pricing is generally broken. Once balancing is complete, I’ll look into assigning reasonable prices.

where is that quote i must see

Chicken Exponentiality needs more variants, like chickens split into cowards, slobs split into UFOs or something like that


By this logic we might as well ask for Chicken Multiplicity variants.

Look, it’s not that this idea is bad, not at all, but I don’t know if IA has the energy to add even more bosses amidst all other tasks, like balancing weapons. Let’s focus our attention on that for now. Prices and bosses are secondary at the moment.


Yeah. Finish WBP completely (and faster than 2 weapons in every EA version) and then move on to new things so people that played every episode can have something fresh that will potentially encourage them to buy the CHL. Right now new content is really modest if we look at the development time.


Fixed in v.42
:medal_sports: Bug

Known. Not worth fixing.

Intended (for now).


Is it weird when I search contacts, press enter and my mouse warps to the search button?
Here’s the video: (Early Access). Bug? - YouTube