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Still, I would agree with Orandza, because when you reach overheat you actually “Overheated”, then when the coolant effect appears you still manage to shoot and the overheat effect disappears, so no you actually “Overheated” So that’s why you can’t get the medal this way.

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…excuse me?
Also, someone asked this long ago already. It should be this way.


I know that the changes in Utensil Poker is that you need only 10 :zap: to be at full power, but what about the Neutron Gun what changes happened to it?

Nah 10 :zap: isn’t the full power, There’s a new max power at 20 :zap:, Anyways, According to the WBP, The neutron gun only had one change applied:
Adding 1 more weak projectile to :zap: 2
Although that’s not the full rebalance, it will be rebalanced fully in the next update.
Oh and also the Utensil Poker isn’t fully rebalanced too, The strong projectile is supposed to deal 400 dmg while it deals 375 in this update and the weak projectile still deals 300 dmg while it is supposed to deal 200 dmg when rebalanced fully.

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Yeah sorry the 10 :zap: full power to Utensil Poker isn’t for Bomber Spacecrafts and I hope all of the weapons get better and better.

The canister is used to cool you down when you overheat. So, technically, overheat comes first, then canister is applied. That’s why the medal is disabled if you use canisters (apart from the obvious reasons that @anon27929001 and @Sufi point out)


Why in ´´Nasty Suprise´´ and ´´Shoot and Scoot´´ they do not have a variant of enemies? I know that they are exclusive waves of the aliens but I think they deserve to have more enemies that appear replacing them just with the ´´UFO chick´´,´´ UFO chicken´´ and´´ Egg Ship Chicken´´ since these are the ones that most resemble them.

Also in the first wave of ´´comet chase´´ missions put a ´´ danger zone´´ since it can alert new players who do not know these missions not to lose a life unfairly.

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Agreed and also “Chickenaut” kinda matches them too.

I also thought about it, maybe it’s more surprising

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Yea, hope I’ll be 2 kinds, one that only contains aliens and the other contains different types of enemies and there must be a warning because there are players that haven’t played CI3, so they don’t know that the comets are coming from the bottom of the screen.

Yes ma boi

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Although personally, I could do without it, I’d be very surprised if going into full release with an MMO without multiplayer doesn’t get a lot of complaints.

Honestly that sounds good to me. As long as it and Egg Cannon Cannon Cannon Cannonade end up in some sort of joke/bonus roster rather than remaining as main bosses.

Probably just a language barrier issue, but that’s actually a pretty clever backhanded compliment…


Don’t call people like that, that’s inappropriate and this is not recommended in this forum

Don’t call people intelligent? That’s all they were saying - in fact, they were saying Orandza was being too intelligent, lol.

I think it’s probably just bad translation, but still, if you really think about it, they’re not actually saying anything rude (although I did have to do a double take when I saw it lol)


We have a military big chicken that can do 3 knife throws, what about one can do 4 knife throws on >100%?

It’s 10.1 boss!

Wait, this is new?

You haven’t notice this? The number of knives that military chicken throws depends on the difficulty

Wow, i never got noticed of this! Lol

Just to clear it up a little for you:
You mean 3 knife throws. Each throw has 2 knives, so that’s why you said 6.

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