Early Access version 40.2

I’ve found that the pattern is actually easy to learn, just don’t panic. (not sure if it’s harder though)

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Eh? What do you mean it isn’t necessary? I want this feature for a long time


Is the same

  • :new: Added “Chicken Exponentiality” boss (starts appearing at 70% difficulty)

What is it?What does it look like?

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Wromg, if the chicks cads do the “Fusion” is possible whet they collide and leave you less space, that includes the ufos and the eggships, enemies of great size

Some help New Chicken Multiplicity 2.0 or Buff original


Thank you…I can’t wait the next update.

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But what’s the next reworked weapon?

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for some reason the number “six” its bad cuted
Chicken Invaders Universe 23_4_2020 22_59_21 (2)_LI


maybe, none


Can we add CIU theme as a mission music?

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both songs?

The second theme dont combine for the missions. Also, you got it in the menú, why for the galactic store?

No, the one that has a heroic theme

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Just a quick question - does that apply to those terminator chicks that appear on waves sometimes? I forget their name.


They’re called Assassin Chicks

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I think the aſſaſſins ſhould be increaſed in lethality at higher difficulties- I’ve yet to have a problem with them.


The same thing can be said for the Berserk chicks, safe to say that aside from a few niche waves like Shape Shifters and other such waves where you’re given a very small safe zone, these v30 chicken breeds are a joke. Slobs should also reply way less on RNG.

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It’s not a problem by me if there isn’t a new rework, but I’d like IA to tweak Ion Blaster’s numbers as proposed by Galbatorix one more time to see if this is gonna be enough or if it needs more improvements.

I don’t want this to be seen as nagging though, I’m actually not at all trying to sound that way, but let’s focus on a single weapon before we mess up everything else even more and have to work with even more complicated weapon balancing issues.

And yes, weapons need to be unique and useful in their own way. We’d know when we have achieved this when we couldn’t decide on a best weapon. Currently I suppose two such weapons are Utensil Poker and Neutron Gun, but the latter’s problems are mentioned in Galbatorix’s second WBP post.