Early Access version 40.2

Interesting fact: i can’t find Mysterious Ship

Interesting fact: I met 6 of them today and they totally rekt me

There is something strange about Utensil Poker and Neutron Gun(when the spacecraft rotates horizontally:

Please give me a satisfactory answer, thanks

Look at your spacecraft when you tilt up and shot


I can think of another change but this one’ll apply only to the BX family, so why not give the legendary ships more speed.

  • Regular Bomber: 100% speed
  • Uncommon Bomber: 110% speed
  • Rare Bomber: 125% speed
  • Legendary Bomber: 145% speed

The numerical figures might need to be readjusted because it might be possible that a Legendary BX-6 with all 10 Maneuvering Jets equipped would be faster than the regular ships.

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Hmmm ok. Forget about that bug, I’ve got ideas instead. I know these topics are closed but I wanted your opinion about 'em:

Oh and also, I feel as if 9 slots for a squadron aren’t enough imo, At least not for such a big community.

I tested it and the M408 seems to be somewhat better now

As for the exact (?) data, here are the approximate diameters of those hitboxes in pixels (at 1080p resolution):
Old M400: 90px
Old M408: 105px
M400: 81px
M404-PI: 90px
M408: 99px


Changed in v.41
:medal_sports: Idea

Added to v.41
:medal_sports: Idea


Chicken Vending Machine wave have clean sweep bonus, although chickens can’t escape

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What do you mean?

You know the satellite fly-by which has got chickens and barriers? Well, I get clean sweep bonus when I kill the chickens and the alien container which gives satellites, even though the chickens don’t escape while the alien container escapes, and now I was asking is that intended or not? Or is that a bug? I thought clean sweep only appears when all of the enemies escape, not only 1 enemy. Hope I explained what I meant.

Because its barriers are designed to be easily destructible (like Chicken Roulette).

Added to v.41
:medal_sports: Idea


The container is counted in %, the barriers isn’t

Oh well.

It happened when I destroy all the barriers, but the barriers isn’t counted.

Added to v.41
:medal_sports: Idea


Fixed in v.41
:medal_sports: Bug




Ohhh I forgot that.