Add total of bosses killed in comparing stats just like how much enemies are killed in total

This idea came into my mind since I was just playing, really want this to be added in the stats because I’ve played boss rush too much and can’t count how much bosses I’ve killed :joy: :joy:
p.s.: If this idea isn’t that good then you can ignore it, doesn’t matter, It was just a simple idea.


What about Chicken Multiplicity
It’s so much bosses in one

Probably one wave only count once.


I support this, but only if this:

I think you are right.

you could just go around that by simply calling it “number of boss waves defeated” or smth like that
maybe even separate them like for weapons used? might be a bit too much of a stretch tho as there are quite a shitton of bosses

It’s not that many. It would be pretty interesting however to have statistics about every killed enemy.

There’s only ~28 bosses


still many compared to weapons imho
might be quite the hassle to show on a similar chart

If you want to go further, you can account for a lot of things - waves by type, enemies by type, bosses by type. (total enemies killed?)

It all boils down to just adding counters and keeping track of a personal statistic.

as a final note, why not add a “delete current stats” option if it were to be added? (it’s just a cliche)

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There are a lot more other countables to be added, but another important thing i forgot to mention is the usefulness or viability of the information gathered.

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