2 Idea: Transfer leadership button and/or make 2 leaders at the same time for squadrons (might be suggested before)

Would really be a huge improvement if any of the listed on the title would be done. Like say for example, the leader is inactive for too long, and the members of the squadron are waiting for assignments, what about the leader instead Transfers leadership for a very active member before going offline? Also, 2 leaders would be cool because this would make 2 players do more assignments, not only 1 member.


There is just one problem, organization will be decreased heavily, and success, well, won’t be as high as you’d think. There is also the potential that one of the leaders will eventually destroy your squadron without even knowing it. Power struggles exist, and finally the fact that such idea was never implemented in other games, and it’s very doubtful it will be implemented in this game as well in the forseeable future.

But every game I know that has got teams feature has this. promoting or transferring, I only suggested that because I’m somehow tired of assigning missions.

I don’t have a squadron, so I can’t really tell if you can just disband your squadron.

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