Early Access version 34

@InterAction_studios and your opinion is? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I don’t really like it, at least during the Early Access because missions are still unstable and can be changed (regenerated).

So I’ve noticed something about multi-kill bonus. When I kill more than 4 chickens, the bonus activates, and it disappears after 2 seconds or less. But when I pause the game, while the bonus is up, the game won’t stop the counter and end the streak. This makes me annoyed sometimes, because I want to get higher streak and I pause the game very often. Oh yeah, I wonder if this is a bug or an intended mechanic. Here’s the video that I’ve recorded.

Also, I want to talk about adding contacts. Well, we all know how this works. Just type the callsign (gonna refer to it as cs, later in that post) you want and click search. Yeah, click. Sometimes habitually I press enter, because I tend to type a lot.
And I noticed that " press enter to search" doesn’t really work. What I mean by that, is searching contacts even more faster by just typing the cs and pressing enter, without reaching your hand to the mouse and point at the search button.

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I think resetting multi-kill bonus streak is intentional. Pausing the game gives the player much time to think in what order the chickens be killed.

So you want the of missions available/completed per mission type, only aggregated over the entire galaxy instead of individually per-planet? :thinking:

That’s… feasible, and certainly easier than per-planet (although it does suffer from the same syncing issues if/when missions are added or removed). Does anyone else think this is a useful feature?


It’s not intentional – it was just easier to implement using real-time and not in-game time.

Will look into fixing this

I want the both of them…I think that will be useful that feature…for what?..because It’s good to know those numbers for example I completed 363 boss rush missions it remain oley 37 to do…

I think the “planets discovered” on the profile screen is already messy enough, and if missions progress tracker is added, both of them should go to the Stats section instead.

Would it be possible to make a new category just for droids when looking for them, in the same category as star names, explored, missions completed ?

A filter just for droids? :thinking: Yes, that could be done, however it would make locating droids trivial. And, as always, you would only be able to see droids near your location (and not across the galaxy).


It would still be useful, especially when there are 2 droids in a single solar system that can be overlooked, for completing all the missions in that specific solar system since the droids’ missions aren’t included in it.

To be honest I agree with this sentiment. Droids shouldn’t be as easy to track as other missions, they should be at least a little secret.

If we got a mission tracker for other missions and not for droids it would actually help enhance that effect.


Not as much if you make them visible only when we explore the Star System they’re in. (just the markers)

Yeah, when you are in a specific solar system, they should be visible, not just that grey dot but rather something more easier to see.

Added to v.35

:medal_sports: Idea


I’d really like to do this, but (a) the list is currently 700+ items, (b) it’s mostly embedded as “to-do” comments in the code, (c ) maintaining it separately would be a burden, and (d) it might create false expectations as items are constantly modified or deleted.

As for an overarching roadmap, I’m afraid there isn’t one. There are just very broad areas that need work (like “Noob October”), but even those aren’t set in stone (we all know what happened with Is it everyone prepped for Noob October? - #2 by InterAction_studios ). CIU is already complex enough as it is, I don’t want to create additional pressure by expectations or deadlines (even if those are implied). Sorry :frowning:


@InterAction_studios we can’t play game in Iran!
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Is the brightness bar supposed to be shorter than the others?

Yes. Almost-black colours are not allowed.


Maybe you could stretch it so that it aligns perfectly with the rest of the sliders while keeping the almost-black-color limit. If that’s possible, of course.

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