Early Access version 27

I’ve got the looping sound bug again. The falling UFO saucer sound is still looping in the weekly challenge.
Will post a log once I’m done with the mission. I’ve sent the logs in a private message.
It stopped after ending session and re-logging in.
(Also, it’s on 27.1, not 27.2)

Your PC ran out of memory. How much RAM do you have?

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I noticed while playing a mission that, once it’s over, unmounted satellites don’t disappear automatically unlike the rest of the items. Here’s a screencap with PROOF that it’s the end of the mission.

Might not seem like something major, but if possible, can this behavior (items disappearing once a mission ends) apply to satellites as well? Just a little suggestion.


Thank you, Google Chrome :neutral_face:

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how about making some enemy projectiles display on top of explosion ( enemy UFO saucer displayed over missile explosion ) because and dont want to fail the mission by a failing UFO suacer

found a bug: when you pause the game the multi-kill bonus appears after you unpause

Friendly advice: always turn off Google Chrome if you don’t use it at this moment. You will save 3.5 Gb of RAM.

Nice tip

Is Google Chrome really so powerhungry? Mozilla user here.

Right now it eats 1 522,5 Mb of RAM with only few tabs. But if I close it it will go from 5.8/8 to 3.6/8 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Im using google and it not eat so much memory

Why didn’t anyone show that players with Chicken Hunter License have now that cute little medal? Shame that we can’t buy it yet.

:new: v27.3 UPDATE
An emergency client-only update has been released to correct the “looping sounds keep playing even after they should stop” bug. This is an optional update and you will not lose any progress. IF THE LOOPING BUG HAPPENS TO YOU AND YOU’RE USING v27.3 LET US KNOW IMMEDIATELY.


Hah no thanks. Sorry IA, i dont want to offend you, but I dont think that I will try.

You don’t have to destroy all barriers to win pecking order, only need to destroy in the correct order as they appered (missing some does not affect the pecking order, as long as you destroy at least 4 enemies).

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I stand corrected.

What’s wrong with this triangle cloud?

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Its Bemuda! :grin::grin::grin:


[BUG] This black line below cursor appeared when I searched for wormholes (5x zoom). If I move too slow, I can see it’s blinking.


[BUG] If you turn off “In-game music” in galaxy, you will not hear it after turning on.
UPD: This option works strange in galaxy, you need to re-enter the game or travel to make it work (simply by exit to main menu to change music theme).

By the way, I can still see people near wormholes if they leave orbit. Maybe add zone near wormhole which makes ships invisible?

I’ve just got “Location fluctuation” after first mission on new wormhole o_o