Early Access version 18



Oof, I guess

It’s like everything people think are suggested. :joy:

You made it preety good. Now i can zoom whatever time i want. Also the Bosa Nova or what was called is hilarious :sweat_smile: This is the best boss you ever made!

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Oh yeah! Can you guys take a look at the Henley’s comet. I think there is a bug… The Bullet is getting hit at the wrong place I think. Too high from the original place.(Found it on the previous version)

A thing about Supernova missions: How come the sun is shining when it exploded in a supernova?

Why are there no key drops in supernova missions?


Because… This is a 0% chance of key pop up. And boss.

Oops. Fixed in v.19

:medal_military: Bug medal

this is my idea!

Did you report it here? Link to your original post and we’ll give you a medal.

he suggested it here

maybe supernova challenges also counts as supernova missions? i dunno

when i finish the supernova challenges, i didn’t get final keys for some reason

Its fixed in the next update.

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oh okay

What is the new boss?

Bossa Nova (that’s the new boss name i think, which can only be found in supernova missions)

Its the best boss IA ever made for sure!

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Hmm, a new Supernova boss, just like the new Comet Chase boss.

makes sense