Supernova challenge

hello friends!
I have a good idea.
@InterAction_studios can make a new challenge.
challenge name is (SUPERNOVA CHALLENGE).
This challenge can be weekly or monthly.
You need to have enough fuel to participate in this challenge Do not worry!
If you do not have enough fuel, you will be awarded.
But this fuel is just for challenge and no other use.After the challenge, Will be taken from you if you have not used it!
This challenge is done in a new star system but the star of this star system is blasting and The star explodes at the end of the challenge and the solar system is destroyed.
this challenge has a new medal(This medal is for someone who completes the challenge with a high score.)
please add this challenge. This is a dream for me to help interaction studios!
please please please please please please please please please…10 years ago


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And after 1200 week, all star system will disappear xd

I forgot something!
When the star system is destroyed, 2 to 5 new star systems gonna be built.
Because of this, it will not end.:grin:

Its not easy to add things in the galaxy as its stands.

but it is very beautiful
This will make the game more interesting.

Yes, but IA doesnt have unlimited resources. It will be very hard to try turning the galaxy into the Universe Sandbox.

It’ll harm the users’ operating system if there’s too much replacement

I mean the number of supernova happen at the same time

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