Early Access version 16

No, but only becauſe of geographic difficulties!

The funny thing is that I came acroſs this the other day (on a US government web page on paſſport photo requirements):

Clicking on the link downloads an swf file.

I don’t think it’s such a good idea.
CIU will already be on the hate aim because of microtransactions. We definitely don’t need to join launcher war.
As of download error. What browser do you use?

Ok, EVERY free game will be on hate not only because of microtransactions, just because it’s free (people can broke everything). As for download error, it happened to me 4 times in a row because of lost connection in Chrome and Opera but the reason is 49 KBit/sec speed and I can’t change this to something better because it’s desert if we talk about connection. It’s barely possible to call someone there :D.

What launcher war are you talking about?

That’s for people who can use standalone Flash player but can’t use paint for some reason. Funny situation. Reminds me “Works on phone” and “Flash player required” together.

No, there are many free (not free-to-play) games just on Steam (and many more in different places). Here’s good list of free games on Steam: https://www.reddit.com/r/Steam/comments/57fljf/the_list_of_really_free_steam_games

Right now the biggest one yet. Epic vs Steam.

I mean launcher like War Thunder’s where you can see last news, updates, can update game throught it and can set-up some settings.

WoT example

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Yeah, that’s not the kind of launcher we’re talking about.

This is a launcher. It pops up when you launch the game. It checks for updates and allows you to change some settings before firing up the game.

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Okay, I guess you can call this a “launcher”. I just call it configuration window. Old games used to have options as other .exe file.
This however is a bad example because it’s in fact a launcher called Game Center where you can get other games https://worldoftanks.eu/pl/news/general-news/wgc-release/

It’s still not store. They just connected all their games with one launcher.

Wait, does anyone have the Early Access medal? Or will we get them later. Kinda wierd.

Found another one. (Intermediate?)

Couldn’t this be done in some other way? Clicking the awarded trophy shows the level anyway.

EDIT: Got a new idea: When you click a medal, how about showing the exact date of the first time that medal was issued to the user?

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Fixed for v.17.

The game sadly doesn’t keep track of when each medal was awarded.

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After Shoot The Core!'s core dies while there are still some barriers, their shots are kept on screen.

Verified that projectiles are correctly removed. You most likely saw projectiles fired immediately after the core was destroyed (the barriers can still fire).

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Hi iA,

I haven’t played CIU in a while, but I tested v16 and i wanted to give some feedback

  • The new medal system is interesting, I like it
  • Comet Chase missions
    – Maybe there could be Chickens or other enemies appearing from the side to spice it up a bit?
    – rename the wave names from Comet Chase to Warp 9.1, Warp 9.2, …, Warp 9.9, Warp 9.91, …, it could add some variation
    – Can you let the CI3 comet chase theme play?
    – Maybe Comets could give a few more points, right now I only get about 500.000 per 10 waves

Overall, the new Update looks good!

I have a question: What will you focus on the next weeks? More social stuff (stats, squadrons etc.) or mission gameplay (mission types, weapons, enemies, …)?

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Fixed in v.17

:medal_military: Bug medal



Can you please add an “unlimited” option for max. fps? I got a 144hz monitor but I am only allowed to go up to 125 fps. (some people even have a 240hz monitor = 240 max fps)

Also, I play CIU on my left monior, if I move my mouse to the right monitor, the player doesnt move anymore (logically). Maybe you can prevent the mouse to exit the game area (left monitor) or add it as a toggleable option?

This was tried back in CI4 or CI5, but it resulted in too unstable/uneven framerates.

Use the “Capture mouse” option to prevent the mouse from leaving the play area.


About Comet Chase, in CI3 the background was moving much faster than usual, and I really liked that, so why not bring that here too?
For the Base Key Multiplier, I am thinking of about 500% as the missions don’t reward the player with any food, same as retro missions.
Also, is it really normal for them to appear on Frozen/Hot planets? I know it’s experimental, but their actual use is travelling faster.

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