Early Access version 57

Do you really think it’s that easy to make the volume differ in different difficulties?

Besides, I’m not asking to make them Earrape level. I’m just asking for enough of a volume increase to make them more noticeable.


k then, let’s wait for IA’s.

Namely these three. SmallerPluck3, 4 and 5 are either too short and/or soft to catch at times.



SmallerPluck1, 2 and 6 on the other hand, are loud and/or long enough to catch in time, and can at least be heard through gunfight.



An alternative to increasing their pluck volume is to make their droppings have a different sound.


How about hide your email with your callsign?


Impossible. Server sends info about your callsign only while you’re signing in the galaxy view.

But saving last available would still be useful ,_ ,
(when you join, client gets info about callsign and then re-check it after every logging in)


So unless I’m mistaken, or I mistyped my email, or something went wrong… there’s no “confirmation” email, like most similar services? I would have expected something of that nature.


Already answered. While you have access to account itself, you can edit e-mail infinite times, so IA decided that it’s not needed.


Cool - that actually sounds better to me, I wish more things did it that way tbh.


I have an idea for a new news button that will stand above the mail button and you will be able to see what came in the new update(if a new boss has arrived his head will be seen in the image of the universe above the text) and who were the top 10 in the races and things like that(this is for those who are not on the forum)
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Already suggested 3 times:

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Doesn’t mean anyone can’t, you know. Ideas aren’t private property.

Idea : mirror version of wave anode-cathode

Ik, but I mean make sure it isn’t already suggested.

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They look almost the same when mirrored sideways

Ok, I’ve added some additional debug information in v.58

If this happens again in v.58, please send me a new screenshot

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@InterAction_studios please read This and This and This if it’s possible

You probably paused the game during the missile explosion, and your FPS was very low

What @VerMishelb said: Early Access version 57

The game always gives you a Neutron on that wave so you can experiment with overdrive. Come to think of it, however, you don’t need a new weapon if your current one already has overdrive. Fixed in v.58 :medal_sports: Bug

Music is already different per stage.


Can you take a look at these 2 posts too:

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Not really. Besides, these medals are awarded for service to the community. I don’t want to encourage farming them.

The changelog is wrong, it should say “added 360o fiery attack for difficulties >=100%”

The unoriginality penalty applies only to the same mission. Different weekly missions are, well, different missions.

The victory fanfare is random. I see no reason to change that.