Early Access version 15


No you can’t. Read the rules.


I think the word you’re looking for is “mayn’t”.


I completed Space Race without death and special weapons and mountable, I didn’t get Artifact


The artifact is a lie™.


plot twist: the artifact exploded because all of those boss and chicken explosions, also our explosions if we died, is this correct


How did you beat that creepy Yolkstar™ level?


I played on SSH and he have only 4 laser cannons. Are you being sarcastic?


I just wanted to know the strategy to beat that level.


Space Race set to rookie I think


No, today’s race was rookie no matter the ſetting.


Can anyone post a video of beating that Yolkstar level without dying and using any special weapons?


I found an exploit in the Space Race challenge. In the waves that come after bosses, you’re allowed to quit them and replay them. This wouldn’t be much of an issue if it only included the time spent on the stage transition. Doing this will save you ~60 seconds (15 per stage transition) over others who play normally. Will anything be done with this? @InterAction_studios


Truſt you to find all the exploits!



What does that have to do with anything?


Guess what?
That has something to do with our patience


I’ve heard that patience is a virtue.


Well I’ve heard that there is guy on this forum called “Traveller” who is supposed to be a wiseacre.


since our spacecraft can talk now, any chances of adding back the old hero quotes?


Which ones, exactly?

@EmeraldPlay: Something will be done. Thinking of a good solution. Perhaps whenever you resume a space race, you automatically get +30 sec penalty? That will penalize players that legitimately want to interrupt the game, however.