Early Access version 15


Is the pricing just a visual bug, or the price is actually lower in the galactic store?
If it’s the latter, then I think it’s the best if the galactic store checked the rarity of the item when pressed, and set the price according to it. Is the upgrade price of higher quality items supposed to also be higher or lower?


It’s not visual, the price is real. The bug is that a shop will offer upgrade prices for the rarity it has on stock, and not the rarity of your own item. More rare items are supposed to cost more to upgrade.


Can you make it stay even if you don’t meet some requirements? For example if you get regular title and write at least one post in Lounge category then you keep it forever. Or get rid of likes requirement - it’s dumb.


Can’t find the Space Race challenges.


Because the first one will come out at the end of monday.


Btw,since you can only get 1 spot on the leaderboard,does that mean that only your first attempt counts,or only your best one?


Probably the best one…


Given that it liſts the number of attempts, the beſt one counts.


Right. Maybe I didn’t notice it


Or maybe the ranking’s done baſed on the ſum of your ſcores.


Can’t you just type “S” Instead of typing “ſ”?


Yup! I moſt definitely can!


What dialect it is ?


Wæl ouf tiörne qoänd oznl. Ief lætend uir bech doown kilp inloächletief! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ieſn knid ni wiërp ſtirl, mach ids ſukelited wiſtedœr.


When Traveller uses his 100%


It’s time for Comet Chase in 16


FYI Skills will be ignored for tonight’s Space Race mission. Regardless of what you’ve equipped, you’ll play at “Rookie”.

Also, satellites are not penalized, so go crazy.


Where to find it?
Is it gonna appear in my inbox or what?


Bende farklı dilleri konuşabilirmiyim?(May I use other languages too?)


i just started the space race and never thought you’d bring this back… @InterAction_studios