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What’s your mean of this?

Either have a sort button on planetary missions, or sort them in a pre-set order.
I like the first plan more though.

Sound stupid but I even wanted sort button for… recent mission :smiley:

Definitely don’t add Moron starter bonus. It’s going to make competitive play always feel bad at the start, but mandatory if anyone’s serious in being competitive.

Artificial Moon is always the place for playing Double Team, but it seems like boring because it doesn’t have any environments. Moreover, talking about the Ironman Competition, the only place that existed environments, playing it is just like a jarring experience. If you never play DTs, boss battles will be a pain. Thus, i think one should train by doing DTs that have environments, one can somewhat be prepped ( aside from the extremely fast projectiles in IM ) by doing a few DT missions with environments, to get a feel of the situation.
Currently Artificial Moons can’t have any environments, so I guess it’ll be better to add DTs to other planets ( in order to add environments in it ), but reduce the chance for DTs to appear on non-artificial moons planets.
What’s your opinion?

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  • 2 (Meh)
  • 3 (Okay idea)
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  • 5 (Great idea)

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I don’t think making DT more pain than it is right now a good idea.

Well, clearly a usage of the type 1: 0.01 : 0.01 : … : 0.01 really practically represents using a single weapon, so I would expect the bonus to be around 1%.

In any case, I’ve already put a refined version of my algorithm in the game. Let’s see how that goes first.

Not really.

Flagship goes first, then the others in (effectively) random order.

For performance reasons, most projectiles are removed once they leave the screen. Depending on how fast they move, they might still hit things for a single frame, but you should generally not rely on that.

In CIU this delay is difficulty-dependent, so certain timings might be easier/harder than CI4.


There aren’t that many of them.

The tradeoff is that starting with low firepower might make you miss some enemies (and hence lose points). But I guess that only comes into play when the mission starts with >0% difficulty. Currently I’ve disabled any Moron bonuses for competitive, but maybe a poll would be useful? :thinking:


Well can the infinity chickens in chicken multiplicity do that orange bullet attack on high difficulty?

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You may need a poll for this.

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How about make chicks go angry in Chicken Multiplicity?

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This feature belongs to the ‘‘Chicken Expo’’ boss fight. After all, ‘‘Chicken Multiplicity’’ is supposed to be the very easier version of ‘‘Chicken Expo’’. Or ‘‘Chicken Expo’’ is supposed to be the very harder version of ‘‘Chicken Multiplicity’’.


Indeed. I meant on high difficulties. And I put it in strikethrough as well implying it’s a joke.

Should the inf chickens in chicken multiplicity do the orange bullet attack on high diffculty?
  • Sure
  • No

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I believe IA once denied that. Yeah, because ‘‘Chicken Multiplicity isn’t supposed to be hard at all.’’.

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So Suggestion regarding the Cannonade boss:

in the 2nd phase, The Cannonade starts it’s cheetos attack, what could be annoying is that at the start of the attack, it launches a light speed cheetos towards the middile, So this may surprise people who encouters it for the first time, least I could suggest is either a danger zone in the middile bottom or safe zones at both upper and bottom sides.

There’s enough time for people to dodge that, and with enough encounters, the boss is gonna be very easy, so no need for zones


I don’t think some small bullets will hurt at all, Considering how large is the zoomout.

I don’t think so, it is fast as almost light speed. people would need an excellent prompitude to dodge it.

w h a t


h o w

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I guess iA’s gonna reply this “Die 1 time and you will know it”. Everything can seem to be unpredictable for newbies. Just play more and learn the attacking pattern of each boss. So there’re just about 40+ bosses and 200+ waves to remember, right?