Early Access version 114

I still hate the idea of having many indestructible barriers blocking targets. I have made a poll about it before and it ended otherwise, But maybe I will make another one again to see whoever changed his mind.

Do you want the amount of indestructible barriers be decreased in “Ribbit!” wave?
  • Yes.
  • No.

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The amount of indestructible barriers in the wave is funny even if it got reduced one time

To the point that I just say “screw it” and chuck a bomb to end them fast.

Idea: reduce the indestructible barriers and replace some of them with vulnerable ones. Or just replace but replace many.

Can there be Danger Zones in Squeeze Through?

A few suggestions for IA:

I’m wondering if, for the secret cuisine, you could include many more colors rather than all the items being red? It would make them more distinguishable (even if each has its own facial expression, they still confuse me and I don’t pay much attention because I’m too focused during a (hard) mission).

Also, am I the only one to think that the danger zone from the ‘‘Brick Breaker’’ wave is a little too wide? Because, you know, the barrier that appears quickly from left/right is not that wide at all.

Finally, remember when you asked me to poll this?

If you check it, you can notice that the majority voted ‘‘Yes’’. And considering the number of voters, is that convincing enough for you?

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Fine, changed in v.115 :medal_sports: Idea

I considered that, but it would defeat the purpose of Red Herring.

Generally, I don’t consider a 60%-to-40% ratio sufficient to be convincing, but this is a relatively easy change so I’ll add it. Added to v.115 :medal_sports: Idea


Sorry for pinging you, have you looked into this yet? @InterAction_studios

Also, I noticed that I can still join a game in the last wave if I didn’t reload and it keep showing progress of the previous wave. Is this a bug or just a result of not reloading and updating the progress continuosly and automactically? If it is a bug, would it worth fixing?

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Toxic should be auto-banned from appearing in waves that limit your movement
Banned waves list

Here are the waves that should have no Toxic Chickens.
Exclusion Zone, Yolk Star, On the Radar,…
Will be added once I can think of more waves that are like this.


It feels unfair to have a Toxic gas banning more areas from an already limited movement space. It’ll get to a point where moving anywhere leads to certain death unless items are involved.
Which just makes it a case where you’d die if you don’t have items, and dying takes more keys away from you so you don’t have the keys to get the items you need to … not die. You see the problem here?

Also, granted the gas drops when the chicken dies, so you kinda get to choose where they died at, but in MP this really becomes a problem for hosts who don’t have the luxury of … exiting and re-entering a game.
Other random players could just destroy a toxic at an unplanned location, and leave, making the wave alot harder than it otherwise should’ve been. And making a monetization system that stops these cases are way more expensive than this method.


It’s hard to make a new “retro” wave feel “retro”, so I get why dude doesn’t do this right now.

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According to the poll above, the majority is voting ‘‘No’’.

I don’t think it’s necessary to remove them from this boss.

Ask Recruit_75. Their poll will show the results once closed. I don’t even know when it will be closed.

Hmm… could a giant crab’s attack with lasers, in which he first waves his left hand and then his right hand, can use this attack opposite? that first right then left?


I think he wants to say if it’s possible for the Laser Crab to start attacking with the right limb first and then left, instead of the opposite.

It’s literally the same thing, nothing exciting about starting with the other limb first. In my opinion we can live without it.

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It’s fine. The only reason I don’t allow joining during the last wave is to cut down on cases where the game has already ended by the time you try to join.


v.115 UPDATE

ETA Friday 29 July 2022 09:00-11:00 GMT


How much time does it take to ban a single species of chicken from a wave?

Depending on the answer, I might have to close the poll now.

Is the date correct, is it right now?
Since Friday is tomorrow, 29th of July

You’re right (or maybe at his time 28th of July is Friday)

60 seconds.

Sorry, fixed.


Dumb question: can we have a 2nd darkness music?

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iA did you add these to the next version:

Also any update about new music?