Chicken Turret and some others

Dropped this wave suggestion (since it won the poll in chatting place.

As the title says, it’s quite literally a chicken turret. These towers scroll sideways (either left or right) and has a Chick Gatling Gun/Laser Gun at the top. Includes Lv4 barriers at harder missions. Here’s some variation of these towers:

*barriers are destructible at the second pic

Asteroid Bounce

  • Literally bouncing asteroids
  • Can be replaced with eggs/egg barriers for variation
  • A Danger Zone on the side cause of barriers forming as a floor
  • Definitely not a pipis

Back Replacement

bye all.


Asteroid bounce: I doubt that It’s possible to make bouncing physics (correct me if I’m wrong). What could be made is a ton of asteroids pathways, and randomize the intervals and pathway chosed. Anything else, It’s a great wave. And no Pipis.



Idk about coding, but the asteroids simply take a parabolic path (just like Overarching chickens) and repeats whenever it hit the “floor” (see Richochet). The barriers do provide an illusion for a floor.

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Added in v.110 :medal_sports: Idea


Barriers for both ceiling and floor

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Maybe this time it’s another wave that’s even better as soon as it’s updated to v110.1

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