Early Access version 103

Skill Issue

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Fun fact: Hen solo died in Chicken invaders 5
Mad madamme killed him using magic

no he left the Madame safely

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well i did that to assure him that hen solo will not come because he died, so he would stop requesting

I don’t understand how the wingman Hen Solo was this important in CI4 when it only shot 50 damage bullets every so often, so even a power 0 lightning user was stronger than that. I think that having a wingman (not Hen Solo specifically) in CIU might be cool though.

Also, I was wondering why are “copyright issues” a problem with adding that ship design into CIU but not CI4 years ago.


Will fix.

That doesn’t really fit in CIU.

There’s something called “fair use” in copyright Fair use - Wikipedia , and parody falls within it. Both the name of the character and the design of the spacecraft have been altered sufficiently so as to clearly allude to the original IP, but not infringe upon it.

More importantly, Hen Solo was a secondary character in CI4 that you only got to see for a minor portion of the game. Having his spacecraft as a purchasable item in CIU, however, would make it much more prominent and hence potentially cause copyright issues.

Having him as an NPC in the galaxy would probably be okay, but I question the usefulness of only having a single copy of him in the entire galaxy.


what about making hen solo sell upcoming boosters, at a cheaper price.


why hen solo is doesnt fit in CİU why

because you’re a lot stronger than him

because you can play multiplayer with friends

please hen solo is be lot stronger than us please please updating and added in Chicken invaders universe hen solo please

Plz add Ahmet-Chickeninvader in CIU


Hen Solo Is copyright so It will never add to the game
Do you want the game to be ruin?

now that i think about it, hen solo might actually be very useful, such as making slobs attack and cowards fire at you, in addition to preventing pecking orders and supernova debris
69/10 must add


no dont i want the game to be ruin please hen solo needs New updates in Chicken invaders universe

Which has been brought up a few times in the past, including by myself.

It’d probably have to be polished up a bit (rethink the weapon and get rid of the stupid control unit bs), but I think there’s potential for this to be good. Either as a satellite alternative or a separate thing.


hen solo needs New updates and must add hen solo helper in CİU please İA must add hım in Chicken invaders universe please

Added Hen solo (Idea :medal_sports:)


yeah hen solo is %100 fully useful helper and he is can help us in every missions!:sunglasses:

Hen solo, added with powerful super neutron, help everyone save galaxy, full HD ultra 4k