Early Access version 10.3


@InterAction_studios Can you make the color of the buttons on the weapons be the colors of these? It would be a nice detail in my opinion.


Which buttons? In the store?


@InterAction_studios will you ever host a QnA here on the forums so we can ask you stuff about the game and you spoil it all for us? :smiling_imp:


yes, sorry for not specifying more


But Yolk-Star’s reinforcement chickens are still ‘broken’ (The behind ones, I have no prob with the side ones). Nerf this [st]itch, plzzzzzzz :pray:


In what way?


That’s the idiom of the competitive scene, I meant ‘unfairly hard/buffed’


Well, that’s not ‘buffed’. It’s been like that in CI3.

Also, it’s not that much of an issue. You just have to stay fairly close to the Yolk-Star™.


Beſides which, it’s ſuppoſed to be a hard level, hence the term “boſs”.


I knöw it – dön’t béat mé as a “nööb”. I mean it’s kinda kaizö/crazy. Also I said, I have nö pröb with thé side chickéns, thé pröblem is önly the back önes.


@InterAction_studios the droid will bring supplies to the space burgers ?, if so, we can fight against them and steal what it takes?


Yes .


Well there need to be consenquences for doing that…(space police???)


you are the n°1!!!


Added “Supply Droid Raid” missions

Great update incoming after horrible 10th version. :slight_smile:


wait: is it just…space burger hq missions?


Yeah. I think so.


inb4 they add retro missions


Space Burger shall be looted and the space police will be bribed with keys and food to keep them quiet.

We will have our revenge for the bad key exchange rate they given us!!!:crazy_face::crazy_face::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Note: This comment is meant for entertainment purposes.No hurt intended and I am not infected with Mad Chicken Disease.


Honestly, I CANNOT believe you referenced that
(yeah, I witnessed it long before I created my account)