CIU anti-virus warnings

Please post here with screenshots if you received any type of anti-virus warning (untrusted publisher, virus found etc) when downloading and installing CIU. If it’s not clear from your screenshot, please also mention what kind of:

  • browser
  • anti-virus software

you are using.

Rest assured that the game is 100% virus-free and the game’s installer is dual-signed with SHA-1 and SHA-256.

I can’t post a screenshot now, but my Windows Defender on Windows 10 has detected it as a threat. I allowed it to run, and Avast did a behaviour analysis. It said it’s ok, and I had no problems.

Browser Google Chrome on Window 10 warned me once that this file could be dangerous to my computer and asked me if I wanted to keep it. When I chose yes, the next time I downloaded, it hasn’t happened anymore.

Today’s version was detected by my antivirus when I tried installing it

(Translation: CyberCapture function was enabled. This file is incredibly rare. Because often such files contain viruses, we will send it for precise scan to Avast antivirus lab. Checking it should take about 95 minutes.)

EDIT:They were quick:

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So that’s a just because the file is “rare” (new), it doesn’t actually say it contains viruses.

… and it came back clean. All these ‘automated’ security measures make it harder and harder for small developers to share their software :cry:

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Can’t you make it so it doesen’t count as virus on some devices?

No way. Is that what I think it is? Polish? (Co? Czy to jest to co myślę? POLSKI?)

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@InterAction_studios Tell me about it. I need to disable every possible instance of antivirus when I’m trying to make my own software. it’s absurd.
@Davoid No popatrz jaka ta galaktyka mała. Witam serdecznie! :wink:

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@InterAction_studios I found something interesting… After the installation of the game, the scvhost.exe always asking for admin permission… Why is this happening, and how can I fix this? (I even reinstalled the windows, and it came back after installing the game)

svchost.exe is not related to the game. It’s a container for multiple Windows services. It’s not easy to know which one of those services is asking for admin permission, but it’s definitely NOT normal any svchost.exe to be repeatedly asking for admin permission.

Are you sure it ONLY asks for admin permission after the game is installed? What about if you download any other demo from our website (example: ), does it still ask for permission?

Also, what happens if you deny permission? Does the game still load?

Sounds not good

No, if i deny the permission the game or any application doesn’t load.
This demo works correctly,

Maybe another program does this. It just appeared first time after installing the game. I’m not 100% sure, I just found it a little bit interesting.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.


Huh. Just now on version 13, Avast caught the installer as a threat using cyber capture. Problem was, even though I told it the file was trusted, it still blocked it. So I had to turn it off for the installation moment. But want to let you know @InterAction_studios just in case.

Avast is most untrustful* antivirus. It just deletes every file it don’t like without warning.

The word you’re looking for is untrustful. And yeah, it is pretty defensive, but hey, it’s better to be overprotective than underprotective right? Still a downside though.

I think it should show us notification. Mine don’t show anything even if this option turned on so I changed it to 360 total security. First time it tryed to delete installer of second version. After that I added it to trusted list it only showed me notification that it ignores this file. Even deleting Avast from PC is problematic in some sort because you need to use other tool from their site to delete every part.