Early Access version 07

This update expands on the spacecraft customization options, as well as performs groundwork for upcoming new features. Specifically:

  • Each spacecraft now has its own unique gun pods, and bullets/projectiles emerge precisely from those pods. This makes it possible to have different bullet patterns depending on which spacecraft you’re using.
  • Missions now have an ‘environment’, which paves the way for mission-specific effects (e.g. lightning strikes on electric planets and solar flares on hot planets)

In terms of new features, heat sinks now work (better heat sinks will extend firing time before overheat occurs) and engines work (better engines will save you more fuel on warp trips).

This update is mostly backwards-compatible, but you will lose:

  • any in-mission progress
  • any menu options your have configured


  • Restored wingstreaks on Paint screen
  • If you now interrupt a warp trip over an unexplored star system, the star system gets automatically explored.
  • Vulcan/Boron/Moron/Neutron are now affected by expander/condenser.
  • Prevented overflow of “Wave X/X” text (bottom-right during mission).
  • “Bullet Spray Expander” can now be stacked up to 10 units.
  • All spacecraft now have their own individual gun pods/emplacements that bullets spawn from (allows for differing per-spacecraft bullet patterns).
  • Improved firing effects on some weapons.
  • Heat sinks now work (better heatsinks extend firing time by up to 100%)
  • Engines now work (by improving fuel efficiency up to 25%)
  • “Daily stipend” message is now properly sent.
  • Exhausts can now be customized irrespective of engine.
  • Added 3 new types of exhaust.
  • Wingstreak length and opacity can now be customized.
  • Shield color can now be customized.
  • Shininess hue can now be customized.
  • More customization color options for inner/outer exhaust.
  • Options/Controls/Mouse: Added option to capture mouse and to set mouse sensitivity.


You are reminded that during Early Access you are responsible for backing up your own progress. Make a copy of everything under C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU (including all sub-folders).


@InterAction_studios How does the mission work now have an environment?

I just tested 10 expanders, it’s nice!

But forks are misplaced when the game is rotated:

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They aren’t misplaced. Weapons are fired from the weapon pods now, so when the spaceship rotates, they do too.


I disconnected while the game was out of focus and the mission music didn’t stop on the main menu.


@InterAction_studios I just tried merging the galaxy and menu music with Alt+Tab, but nothing happened.

@BCMediaPlayer Yes, that was a bug and it has been fixed. @Emeraldplay is talking about something different: if you disconnect while you’re in a mission but Alt-Tabbed away, the game will still remember that the mission music was playing and will (erroneously) restore it when you Alt-Tab back.

Oh my god you added the effects on those planet missions, that’s so epic! Keep up, this is one of better updates we got.

Not yet. This update does preliminary work to support them – they’re actually coming in the next update.

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Can there be an option to switch between the galaxy and menu theme with a single button?

Small bug : Setting a different exhaust and using the trash can button will keep the exhaust (only visual bug, it won’t really change the exhaust)

One complaint that I have is about the Poultry Polka (I may be getting the name wrong), that vengeance bomb, it’s only I who find this bomb TOO week? I inittially thought it was as strong as a missile/mine bomb, but it’s so week that it’s not worth the slot space to use it (and you can only equip one per slot).

My suggestion is to make this bomb stronger, even if it means a higher price, or at least make a stronger and more expensive version of it, you guys agree with me?

My strategy with those bombs is to make a damage as big as a missile/mine bomb upon dying without using a special weapon that take your medals away (Are those medals useful anyway?), but that didn’t work exactly as planned. :disappointed_relieved:

Will we get the ability to pick the shield type in a future update? Currently we have the one from CI3, but it would be nice if we were also allowed to use the CI4 shield or the CI5 shield.


Now just to make sure the afterglow of the exhaust flames don’t shine over the vehicles.

It would also be nice if we could preview the shield in the customisation menu.

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Idea for a hud item: show health bar for bosses:

idk if it would look annoying, but something you wanna know how much health those bosses have left.

Are you talking about the progress bar?

You mean individuäl health bars?

Yes, that’s what I mean. When you have more than 1 boss on screen you can’t make out their individual health. An item like this could change it.

What if we get chicken multiplicy at smallest type. That means 48~ chicken bars?