Early Access version 06


When they’re done.


hahaha lol xD


I saw that heat sinks will work after the next update. Now,I’m interested in…how will vulcan work if you get a better heat sink than your default one? Would it also lose accuracy at a slower rate,since you’ll overheat more slowly? Or will it lose accuracy at the same rate as before?


This one:


Hey @InterAction_studios,

maybe there can be more ways of boosting your damage temorarily or permanently in the future? If there are, everything about enemy health can be kept like it is.


When WILL they start working?


So, in the next update.


Spits drink and straightens up
Sign me up, captain!


I’ve noticed that the wingstreak is longer than before. I think it was better before this change.
Maybe there could be a deselect option for the streak.

By the way, do you still plan on rewarding keys for each medal you earn?


“Warp, Interrupted” saves the day be allowing you to drop out of warp mid-trip.


@BCMediaPlayer In the next update the wingstreaks have customizable color, opacity, and length. Yes, keys-for-medals is still in the plans.

@Orandza Thanks, fixed.


Hey,I remember that ammo packs for satellites were supposed to be a thing at some point. Is that also still planned?


Yes. . .


Thanks,and sorry if I’m getting on your nerves…


Btw, will the daily log-in reward return too? It seems to be removed at some point


The reward is given, but it appears that the notification message is not sent… fixed.


Well you don’t see this every day…


Did you see it now? I know about this star systems with 2 stars from the begining, also there have white stars with red dwarfs. However they are more than the worholes which i found 2 of them for now in the voids.


This game has so much potential, there could be many different events happening in the galaxy like real star supernovas, meteor storms… etc.


Yes, this is real in the real galaxies. Whether it will be possible to see neutron stars with dangerous missions? I really hope.