Early Access... How long?! (+Ideas)

Hi… I was Offline here since my previous post in previous year.
I was hoping that when i come back, final version got released… but, it’s not.
so… here is one thing to say: when the final game releases?!?..
yep, i have read FAQ; but this is so long for waiting time. people are waiting since 2014, first beta released in 2018, and now is 2020. but still in beta mode. we need game more faster… beta program is going very slowly. it’s very boring for fans… please, release final game as soon as possible…

and, Some more things to say:

1-the latest Early Access wont run with Iran IP address. we must use vpn to get connected… why?.. please fix this problem…

2-Droids are moving so buggy… they are getting invisible after few seconds and it’s very irregular… please fix their teleporting problem…

3-We are in 2020. your game is 70MB. are you serious?!.. impossible. it shows high percentage of Compression in this game… please, increase textures and elements quality… we want a high-quality game, not a low-sized one… no one has internet problem here… increase quality and 3D objects as more as you can, this game must be near 1GB or more…
(and; we need more and more new missions, new levels, new GUNS, new spaceships and new features… but we need them with a very high quality and GPU killer too :slight_smile: )

We really want a multiplayer ability between any one of players in the universe. we can see ourselves in the game, and our abilities, and our online moves… but we cant play together. this is awful. please make a multiplayer with secial Prizes /Rewards. (I cant tell about it’s mechanism, it’s all up to InterAction)

5-And at last, we want a break time after latest EarlyAccess version… a time for you to make last changes and make User Interface more beautiful and attractive. we want a surprise when we open final game, this is what we testers need at the end.

Really thanks to you interAction, you can develop this game more and more better; but; please Faster :slight_smile:

Regards / Farhan Khosravi


iA is just a single dev. Of course development won’t be fast. Be more patient.
Droid movement was reported already, I think.
Multiplayer has been suggested many time, yes, but adding it is not that easy. It’s not really even a matter of when it’ll be added, but if.


Only IA knows right now. It was supposed to be 6 months. But I kind of agree with the wait. There’s nothing interesting in it that would make me want to play it after the release. We’re missing things, new things, interesting things.

There was discussion about it in this topic: My first impressions and questions
Basically the thing that stops the progress are smartphones. This game needs to be multi-platform and to make it easier there aren’t many differences between mobile and desktop versions. Really, mobile versions are even stopping more advanced player controls.

Well, but there are countries where it is a problem. I personally even have 100GB/month limit, but yeah 70MB is really small.

Chicken Invaders barely has 3D objects.
My first impressions and questions - #46 by InterAction_studios
And of course the reason for this are mobile versions. There are good ways to make 3D games for smartphones in 2020, but it would require adopting new Graphical APIs and that would take a lot of time because CIU is right now on DirectX 9 (and mobile version probably will be on some version of OpenGL). IA said that there are plans to upgrade it to DirectX 11, but it won’t make much difference. If we want 3D models (and this way, better animations) and having many of them on the screen, we need something better. I recommend checking VULKAN because DX12 is a crap.

I agree, but there’s already so much stuff on this forum that who knows how much time it would need to add them.

No we don’t. I’ll tell you something: Well written games don’t need to be GPU killers. It’s actually other way. Take a look at DOOM (2016). In my opinion it’s the best optimized AAA game of recent years. And the graphics are amazing. Did you know that it has better performance on linux using wine and VULKAN API? It’s insane.

And it will be a long time before you could. It would require servers which are… well, costly and right now this game isn’t bringing any profits.
There was also discussions about this, you can search for them.

That’s actually a very good idea. It would at least give me a reason to check this game. In many previous betas that I tested (not speaking only about Chicken Invaders) I played the hell out of the games and when it finally released, I already did everything - so I didn’t have a reason to continue playing.


“A delayed game is eventually good,but q rushed game is always bad.”


This is a 2D game. InterAction Software has always worked in 2D. Since 2014 Ultra VGA Engine has a bit of 3D, but only a bit. Also, why do you want it to be one gigabyte? It’s good that it doesn’t require much memory, that is one of the reasons I prefer DOS games than other games, the are downloaded almost instantanely.

You can’t speak for all fans because you simply didn’t ask anything publicly (as far as I check).


Could you connect/login easily to the game server without any issues before the new early access version? Also, I’ve used every VPN’s, but nothing works.

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It will be in Early Access for as long as it needs to be. Instead of complaining for “lack of content”, be joyfull that you have access to the content of the game at all.

You mentioned it is boring for fans, personally, me, a fan, I disagree with that, I find it a very entertaining game.

Please be respectful of iA, as they are doing their best to maintain, keep and uptade this game FOR FREE, because not only it does not bring any revenue for iA at the moment, it even costs keeping and maintaining the game up and running, servers and all that.

Enjoy the game as it is and be more patient, it being uncomplete doesn’t mean it’s not fun.


Thanks a lot, qbus371. I regard your answers.

This is my answer:
1- Smartphones… This reason isn’t Enough at all!
Do you heard Fortnite, or PUBG, or else? They’re cross-platform too! I don’t want to say that CI must be like pubg, don’t misunderstanding… i just wanna say that mobile platform is NOT a good reason to decrease quality in PCs. Just hope you know my speaks…

2- 3D objects. Why NOT? You used them in CI5 , in the walls… And made a 2.5D game! This is not enough for 2020 games, but it’s a good progress after 1999’s 2D game… After these years, at least it’s better to have a 2.5D game, with EVERY requirements it needs. Dx12, Vulcan, i don’t know. I just know that lot’s of games in these years used this good methods, and you want to still stay in past’s graphics and you actually don’t know that how much this game has potential to be a very big game, and STILL triyng to keep it an small game…

3- Money.
This is a big reason that you saying to fans every time.
There isn’t budget to make multiplayer.
There isn’t budget to create the game cross-platform.
There isn’t budget to make big features more fast and get the game ready to publish.
These are worthless words. Where does every studio makes their money?.. How they can survive and make more games?..
IN APP PURCHASE. This is a good idea to make lot’s of money, but at first, it needs a high-end and rich game, and then it can make money… A poor graphiced game, or a game with 2010’s mechanism, has lower chance to make money from gamers, because of lack of gamers that love your game. Make it bigger, make it more 3D, make it more modern, spent budget to get it more developed and more graphical and more optimised, you know that your budget gets back very very soon. You’ll see your work resaults.

I dont say we need an 20GB Game full of graphics in this stage… I KNOW that game development is in the last stages… I just want some changes in graphical qualities, and adding few 3D objects as more as you can, and add features like multiplayer…
Not big requests… In the result of my speaks in up, this is not a big requests.

Anyway, it was a suggestion at all. To make game bigger and don’t let it to keep staying small. Everything is up to IA right now.
Hope you understand my speaks.
Sorry for my bad English.
I am a CI fan so im saying this things just because i love you. Nothing comes to me.


Terraria is a 2D game represented by pixelated textures, with a size of 250mb. And PewDiePie, amongst a huge ammount of people love and play that game. A reminder that it’s the same on mobile.

More than half of your ideas were destroyed by that statement.

Chicken Invaders Universe can be that too, with time and care. Not rushness and GTA 8 graphics.

I apologize if this comes off as aggresive, but not all games rely on good graphics in order to be something.

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dude it’s literally ONE SINGLE PERSON developing a mmo that would take about 1 year to “complete” at least and is full of dozens of convoluted and complex features

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Windows XP users… no?

I think you never programmed a real standalone application. Every saved byte is an achievement for developers.

FNaF, Undertale, Terraria, should I continue? First two are made by single person too.

Game needs to be cool to make money -> it’s expensive -> you need money to make the game to make money :arrows_counterclockwise:


What can be more modern than thousands of unique space aircrafts shooting foreign galaxy inviders to protect the world from devastation?

He made successful game series almost without negative feedback in different platforms. I assume he knows what he is doing better than anyone on this forum.

F.A.Q topic was created because of this.

Oh, and

@EAgames wants to know your location.


Here’s a question. Have you tried doing the same thing?

What game are you talking about?

No - Specific planets suggestion - #5 by InterAction_studios

it’s not a challenge who can make a smaller game. The only thing that should be considered as an achievement is optimization. And optimization doesn’t equal the game size.

*First one, if we’re being totally honest.

Unique? There are only 3 spaceships in this game.
Also I wouldn’t call that modern. This concept is at least 30 years old.


You literally pointed to “Yes” ._ .
Currently game uses dx9 so it’s compatible with XP at the moment.

Still part of it. CIU is very optimised for Early Access game.

My bad, forgot about Tem

And by unique I mean ability to change it’s behaviour and visual as you wish.

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No I didn’t. I pointed you to IA saying that fixing a problem will require porting the game to DX11 which in turn will require dropping Windows XP and look at that: Screen flaſhing white - #4 by InterAction_studios
So Windows XP is a NO anyway.

Well, that’s maybe because it’s not much different from other CI games? And CI games are running literally on everything? (except consoles [*] )

It’s also something that was already made before. And in CIU you can’t even interact with other spaceships, they are just for decoration right now.

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I think qbus371 answered most of your speaks

Just want to clear something:

You said this to my speak: “and STILL triyng to keep it an small game…”
So you misunderstood. Small game doesn’t mean of small size, i mean small for limited game features.
CI Gameplay is not changed since CI4. Many years have passed since that, and Gameplay doesn’t changed. Yes, people like that old gameplay, but how much?? How many years they’ll like that?..

I just say… That CI has enough potential to be a bigger game. Have you ever played Resogun? (An old PS4 game). That game had a 2.5D gameplay. In 2013. Just look at that… I know that CI is NOT Resogun, but you can increase 3D game and quality like that! You say iA is just one developer… yes but why? When this game is full of potential, why just one developer… Why iA must be undeveloped… in fact i am speaking to @InterAction_studios , i mean that think bigger. Develop CIU more & more. Your studio has a big and full of potential game. Why letting everything to be small and developing slowly.
Think bigger because IA & CI worth it to be bigger.
Just it.
Sorry for bad english.
Don’t controversy more with me about that. It’s just suggestion because i love IA & CI. Im 20. So don’t think there is a child here…
Hope you change your mind
Or at least, Pay little attention to my words.


You are doing more bad than good.

Even if that is not your intent, it is the effect.

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And at least have a proofreader for such serious posts if possible. It’s likely that someone can misunderstand your words otherwise.


Yeah it’s your opinion dude. Keep it for yourself.