My first impressions and questions

So I decided to share my own experience with the first early access version.
(+) The game looks awesome, the chickens are so detailed
(+) The galaxy is huge which means there’s a lot content even in the first version
(-) The look of UI could be improved (there are just bunch of squares with words)
(-) Not many spaceships to buy, but I guess that’s because it’s the first version
(+++!) The game can actually get a lot difficult! Great job :smiley:
Now here are some questions if @InterAction_studios could answer:
Is the galaxy expandable? (Can you add more planets, star systems and stuff)
When will our suggestions on forum be looked into?


Galaxy is not currently expandable in terms of planets, but it is expandable in terms of new missions, NPCs.

Currently we’re trying to fix some technical issues (server stability). Once things are running smoothly we’ll start work on improvements based on your comments. We have a long list already.


Good to know. Is it a good idea to keep a “snapshot” of your current mission on your pc in case the server crashes? I lost a few waves of progress 3 times so far and it’s a bit frustrating, especially for players that don’t know what’s going on.

@InterAction_studios you’ll need to add more reasons to buy stuff, because the only thing I have is the offroad licence and forks weapon which is overpowered…

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Well, I think that perishables are just not worth it, except lives or perhaps the time invulnerability. But all other ship parts are definetly needed, like heat sinks, thrusters etc. and remember, you can make a fleet out of many ships (I still don’t know how it works though, @InterAction_studios can you please explain?)

In my opinion the lives system needs a rework because as of now, if you die you basically “pay” 50 keys (because you’d buy an extra life to get it back).

Unless you cannot reliably get keys, I don’t think it’s a problem, since lives come in a 10x pack. But that’s why it’s bad for newcomers, since they can easily run out of lives.

Oops… I totally haven’t seen that they come in packs of 10. This completely changes my point of view as 5 keys per life is pretty okay. @InterAction_studios since they come in packs of ten, extra life price is balanced (in my opinion)!

@InterAction_studios how will planet levels from CI5 be ported over CIU? Or will they even be ported since there is no planet missions like in CI5 …yet

Hmm, that’s a hard one. Not sure if that’s even possible. We’ll first need to figure out a way to make them procedurally-generated (random).

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I just lost all my progress… :confused:

Did you install the game on a different computer?

No just logged in, and I’m placed in different solar system on top of the galaxy

What was your callsign in the game?

Also, did progress saving EVER work on your account? That is, did you ever log out and log back in and your progress was saved? Or did you only play it in one long continuous session?

Nevermind I got it back somehow…

Hey @InterAction_studios is it possible to make more starfields for levels, not the ones from previous games u can buy but some new ones which are by default in the missions, because it’s too repetitive in every level there is the same starfield background? Also if u enter a mission located on a sun, can you make it look different, like a sunrays in a mission to make it feel unique

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Yes, but since starfields are a cosmetic change, it will take a while. Suns will eventually have their own dedicated missions (“Supernova” at the very least)

Speaking of missions, what type of missions will there be? I think i recognized boss rush and comet chase… What mission type would you add first/prefer?

From CI3: Comet chase, Asteroids

From CI4: Supernova, Supply Droids, Retro

From CI5: Feather fields, Planetary (maybe)

There’s also a new planned type (tentatively named “Endurance”) where a mission only has a single type of wave (a rectangular block), but it gets harder and harder as you progress.


Are regular asteroids (CI3 and earlier) going to appear in invasion missions or will they be only available in their own mission type?