Eagle Vision Special Weapon idea

Hello there, might have gotten crazy on this one idea.

Would love to see @InterAction_studios’s Answer to this.
Since i remember playing an Assasin’s Creed game, i really loved the eagle vision mechanic. So why not try to give an idea for the game?

Although i know the chances of this getting accepted are low as hell. It’s just an idea i’ve had.

Eagle Vision

(Icon, yes pixelart.)

“Ahh yes, those fancy spacecraft secondary weapons and cool looking items are pretty amazing i must say.
You’re probably tired of being killed by an unseen projectile flying around your screen? And just say you didn’t say anything as a good reason to not make the UHF un-proud. How crazy.
This eagle vision inspired special weapon will help you out watching closely at the projectiles! Your vision will go black & white… But the projectiles will glow up as red or show warning icons of what’s what. (Colorblind mode). This comes from a bird… But hell sure it’s not a chicken!”

Here’s a visual representation of how the item is used.
(Thank you @Starbrockle)

Ah yeah, projectiles around. They move so fast you don’t even notice where they go or are at.
But you just (Your special weapon keybind)… And BAM!

Your vision has turned into a grayscale for better focus on the colors. So you won’t miss no nothing. You’re also highlighted, you can’t just fade in with the grayscale.

Oh and right, colorblind players! I’m one of you, so i cannot let y’all dont know what the hell do the colors mean.

Classic warning icons. They have motion track of projectiles as the pecking order reveal does with chickens.

So… If the idea won’t go in game, it’s okay! Just tell me how my idea was?

  • Cool! I like it.
  • Decent, looks good.
  • Eh, kinda…
  • Bad, yeah i definetively hate this.

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I accept recommendations and such stuff :slight_smile: Criticism is always allowed.


Nice idea! Maybe this Eagle Vision feature could become buyable at the Fortune Teller for x keys? Which could make Fortune Teller a more useful thing in CIU.


Thanks boss! And yeah, sounds dope, would really make her more useful as you said


Ok,pretty decent idea.


It’s not a bad idea and I can see why it is useful, especially since (starting with next version) special weapons will be cycleable

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Bullet indicators are sorely needed in CIU since the graphics can be quite messy, like when toxic clouds obscure projectiles, along with corn’s projectiles also making a mess.

But honestly, I prefer it being a HUD add-on like in this idea: HUD Objects Radar
Also, the vision change seems unnecessary and excessive, simply slapping warning icons on top of projectiles would suffice tbh.

Nevertheless, 6/10 for the attempt to fix one of CIU’s biggest gripes aside from a lack of quests and endgame content, hard to see projectiles.



Oh, looks fancy. It would be always on or something i suppose.

Come on… Give the game some cool details at least, this can be changed anytime. But alright alright.



I like the lools and idea but ia and pixelart have to work together for this but there would be a downside to it,when you play multiplayer with 4 or more people it could be distracting,hard to focus and low framerate on a low-end device it would look cool if u are colorblind and i want to see it come out,so good :+1:t2:


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