HUD Objects Radar

This will keep track of objects (gifts, atomics, keys, eggs(or poos) and projectiles) it will cost 609 keys as it’s more useful than the damage indicator sometimes
Every objects listed above will have an “Radar Outline” and it’s black on the very top layer when it’s underneath something, like this
The outline depends on object’s main color and shape
Please, give me feedbacks on how to improve this


That looks like a cosmetic only, but it may be useful

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Perfect idea.

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Good idea but the price should be lowered a little bit

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X Rays.

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@ everyone - The like button

Indicator. Also how would it be more useful than the damage indicator if the latter shows inflicted damage, while the former would simply reveal projectiles beneath other objects?

Anyway, I am a fan of the idea as well.

@InterAction_studios Sorry for the countless tags, but I just want to get your attention when someone (or maybe I myself) come up with something interesting so that you can decide if you want it/can include it or not.

Meanwhile, why not make special HUD slots on the mission preparation screen so that they don’t take up space for useful equipment & don’t disable the no equipment medal?


It can be really useful for waves that have big explosion which cover up a part of the screen, hiding power ups, keys, projectiles, etc


Well, it will be useful sometimes for example seeing what’s your prize after defeating yolkstar, hehe

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You can use ‘Tone-down effects for that’.

Tone Down Effects doesn’t let you see projectiles, only powerups and gifts.

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I’m pretty sure Spryter was referring to the reply right above.

Also, I’m pretty sure the Yolk-Star™ doesn’t actually drop a powerup after it’s destroyed.

But yes, that radar would be really useful at times.


My bad

Can’t. The game doesn’t know when something is hidden underneath something else or not. You’d have to perform a lot of complicated checks with some problematic edge cases (e.g., only the glows overlapping).


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