Cup season #37 needs to be reset

So, if you already saw this post, you knew that there was a foul play figured out in Cup Season #37. I’ve sent a report about that quite long ago, but there still not having any action taken care about this.
I wrote this post to briefly explain why that was a foul play and the best reason to ask for the reorganization of the last cup season.

:question: What made me said that was foul play?

That was at the moment I still staying in @GoldenUndrowler server, which lemme see by both of my eyes that they invited 4-5 people to help her win that cup in a private discord server.
I’ve asked some people who still join her server, and the surprised answer I got was: “She borrowed accounts from those who invited by her. Not just the last cup, I’ve also won 2% in the match facing Francis in cup #34. The main purpose for this is: She wanna win this cup and quit the game, but failed due to lost lives in the match with Francis (#37), so she used CS:GO™ account to help him won the last cup”.

According to that answer I got, I also started investigating and found a lot of strange results. For example, CS:GO™ won Francis somehow (normally he cannot), Vin Theme Sky totally ignore round 6/7 facing CS:GO™, Huyền Phương lost 26% in the last match because of Unprepared fly (what??). With those suspected points, I had interrogated some participators who was in my suspicious list, and found out that they gave it up for CS:GO™ to win.

In conclusion, that was all foul play.

:question: With those proofs, what will I ask for the last cup?

The last cup was all foul play, so I suggest resetting that cup and reorganizing it from scratch. Because fair play is the first priority in any contest. Foul play are not acceptable.

:question: What was the latest answer you got after reported?

“Taking a look at the logs” was the latest answer I got. But since she left the game, there’s kinda a very small chance that the log can shows that a particular player uses multiple accounts. So the very least action is like what I answered above.

:question: Which punishment will you ask for relevant players?

Ban a month, or 6 months long for anyone who shared accounts, and permanent for player used all of those accounts.

With these, I’ll give the poll down here and ask for community’s opinions

Approve or not?
  • Approve
  • Not approve
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this isn’t cheating per se, but more of an exploit, so a ban will not be necessary (besides, the damage is already done)

it’s up to iA to find a solution for this rather than banning someone for abusing this exploit of tanking in the galactic cup


I also thought about that, but sharing accounts, which violating ToS, needs to take a serious care.


I don’t know what will happen when a Galactic Cup season be reseted, as @Amiko said.
Since iA can take back the medal (including the cup), so when iA check the accounts of anyone who involve to the result of #37 (from round 4/7), don’t think that you can lie everyone about anything you did in #37, because iA can check your active in nearby time.
For the punishment, i don’t know which punishment will be better for those 3 recuits, i’m surely that the main recuit, who logged in all of those accounts, will be banned (Rule 4 ToS). And of course, the champion of #37, i also make sure that you can hug your cup in a short time before it leaves you

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a reference of ielts 10.


Firstly, I use they/them pronouns. Secondly, this farcical circus matters little to me, I don’t care who wins or loses


I type the keyboard too fast make you mad?

it’s true that the cup doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a virtual medal, I think just banning their account for 1 or 2 weeks at most 1 month as a warning

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you criticize others but you are also a bad person you don’t even realize your mistake and don’t care what others say in this post

Yes but where is his apology


Why you don’t think about change the GC#37 winner?

Well, I agree with this. Award it for a deserved player who has the best statistics during K.O match is better.
Also, I had discussed, and found out that resetting the entire season would take too much effort, so the least action is revoke the cup from old winner and award it to a deserved player like I said.

Based on the poll in the topic, it seems like most people agree with this. But award for who?
CIVN Group suggested awarding it to recruit Mai Kiên for having best statistics and fair play during K.O Match. What do you think?

Award the cup to…
  • Recruit Mai Kiên
  • Other Recruit (please send callsign)

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I think you shouldnt reset the galactic cups cause the GC already passed and the winner already given, so there’s no way to reset it, dumba**

Also you should think about iA not banning any account through the GC 37, maybe you think it a bit too much on the law lol

If reset, still give to … FromCSGO

If reset happened, and CS:GO™ made fair play, then it would be counted as deserved.

No, iA already told you that the GC keep going and winner still are … FromCSGO so dont think about reset it lmao

Also you say that …fromCSGO sharing account: any proof on that situation? Send here!

you should give it to me

even though i dont play cup