For the Galactic Cup#37

Sup guys, it’s me…

Looking back at the Galactic Cup#37, some people found that the results of some KO matches seems very sus, it just some random weird person somehow beated the strong rivals…
Well, everything i have to say, is :

  • That was my gameplay, they didn’t play. Every result made ingame is all about my gameplay, i managed to borrow their account, while they are facing strong rivals, to overcome those hard rival to qualified.
  • This was serious bad, wasn’t it?
    Everything is actually my plan, i call some people to join me and help me to win cup, but somehow, i suddenly failed the cup due to Francis, and i switch my target to one another person, you already know what it is, the Winner of Galactic Cup#37, that’s not his effort of winning, everything is about me, i played it all, i helped him to overcome some hard rivals such as GoldenBoss, Francis, Tiến Hero CIU, … and more.
    I actually help more than 3-4 people… and that’s my fault.
    Galactic Cup was built in purpose of battling with each others, but seems like i created something unbalanced to the game now, and yes, not even i break ToS because of borrowing someone’s account, i even make the game unbalanced too.
    Have to say, i even not deserved to be a Champion, in Galactic Cup#34, the entire gameplay wasn’t my effort, it was my effort, i give my account to someone who is better than me and help me to get a cup.
    That’s why i post this topic, to tell you that i am reallly okay to deserved a punishment for making the game go unbalanced.
    Promise i won’t do it anymore, it’s serious promise, just noted it.
    @InterAction_studios since i break the rules 2 times ( borrowing accounts + making the game unbalanced), please give my account a 10 years banned, i deserved it, please search for Galactic Cup #34 Winner then you will find my callsign.
    If i decide to comeback one day, with new account, i guess.
    Spoiler only for people in CID ( Chicken Invaders Discord)

Not going anywhere, i am still in Vietnam, sorry for lying to you all, not even this one, i did lied many times to all of you now, i am so sorry for everything, i will never lying anymore :frowning:
To be honest, i appreciated your feeling after finished reading the post.

( don’t open it if you aren’t in CID, maybe you never know anything in that, you may not understand this, just ignored those spoiler )
Overall, hackers are punished, and even me who break the rules many times is also get punished, and I 100% agree.
Thank you for reading, goodbye !
I need a long rest right now…


The Galatic Cup #34 too :slight_smile:
You missed this illegitimate result.


Only for this?
Don’t you owe the whole community a sincere apology?
Btw I don’t think only game ban and an apology is enough, and a lot of others have the same thought ngl.


Bruh you just need a apology to whole community,they tried so hard for GC and then you just ruined their progress and the whole GC#37
You just dont deserve to getting a ban,you deserve a much more powerful punishment for lying to a community this whole time, like more than a year.

you can simply apologize to the community sincerely and accept the punishment instead of making a long post like this :slight_smile:

I will miss you so much…

She maybe violate the ToS but iA consider about not banning any account :confused:

Can we just move on instead, let’s just iA decide, we talk about this for too long

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