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There are some perishable items (like lives and so-forth) that say you get [These many items] for [this many keys]. How about an option to choose how many you want to buy instead?


Well,it could be an aftermarket-only thing.
I’ve always felt that the Galctic Store should be done away with,and replaced with a Google Maps-ish kind of UI,that locates the nearest Heroware,Heroes Academy,Aftermarkets and Gus’ Gas so that people actually move.

Good luck with that. Here you can read thousand reasons why people don’t like things being taken away from them - Colosseum station (+ little rant about mails) - #38 by isp

It would be way too inconvinient. Heroware & co, exist to give discounts.

Oh hey, I was just talking about you.

I respond to distress cals immediatly

Yeah,but you have a shop every second system.It’s not like you buy stuff everyday-plus,one day you’ll get used to it.The prime reason that so many ideas are rejected,and so,unimplemented is that we on the forum are really allergic to change when it comes to the original release.“Add new stuff,but don’t change anything,it’s too darn uncomfortable,we don’t want to be new to something” is the general attitude behind these kind of responses.Why not approach something with an open mind for once?

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Store is okay as a big space Wallmart. Then, if you want cheaper prices and/or better items, you gotta move.

Far too many video game franchiſes have gone downhill this way. We’re here to judge ideas and help maintain high ſtandards.

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Good one.

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