Expanding upon Spaceship Customization (Paintjobs)

Let’s just get this started.

Base Paint Patterns
First of all “Base paint”, will be renamed to “Base Paint 1”. Why? Because spacecrafts can now have up to three base colors! These are optional, and will be seen only with the new patterns i’m going to present.
The button for selecting patterns will be above “Base Paint 1”, the symbol will be the large brush and will show a list organized like the colors, with squares.

The numbers show which strip is affected by the different colors.
Also, the width of the strips can be adjustable: The buttons will be under “Base Paint 3”
Their symbols will be a ruler, like the windstreak lenght and so will be the menu, same as the windstreak one. They will be also tied to the numbers. (Cost: 15)
Now, if you’re thinking that these changes can hardly be spotted, due to the other ship parts, remember that when choosing their textures, you can make them non existant.

There will be 3 buttons under “Strip Width 3”; these will have the sun symbol and will be:
“Gradience Pattern” (Cost: 15)
“Gradience Color 1” (Cost: 7)
“Gradience Color 2” (Cost: 7)

Gradience patterns:

I don’t need to explain the numbers there, do I?
But yeah, the color selection for the gradience will just have black and white colors, like the density ones, and will respectively darken or lighten the base color. This will work even with the afore mentioned patterns. They will create a gradual change in lighting of the base color/s much like customizing the HUD bars.

Inner Shield
Quick thing, I would like an option to customize the inner part of the shield (23 key or split the cost of inner and outer shield by 12 each)
Rare Paintjobs and a new possible space shop

Those are just a few examples of what they could be.
These paintjobs can be only found at a “Painter’s Workshop” for a fixed price of 50 keys.
Basically, just a big boi paint can with a bug brush in it and some paint inside (Floating on a rock, but I didn’t draw it).
When selecting it, the hub button for entering will be called “Aquire rare paintings” just fpr a bit of a joke. Anyway, you will be prompted to a clone of the “Paint” menu, meaning that you will have to select a spaceship. The you will see a list of all available paintjobs (Cause it will work like other shops). Their symbols could be unique, like the ones above or simply the paint tray one. Under all of the paintjobs, there will be the buttons for “Details color” and “Paintjob colors” that explain themselves basically. (Cost: 15 keys).
I may add new things when they come to my mind.


The main concern with adding some customisation options is that it would require adding lots of new sprite sheets, which would take up lots of space.
Such complex color options would likely require tons of new sheets for each and every ship, since it wouldn’t be possible to simply apply these effects on top of the base sprites, at least not if you want them to look good (actually, would it even be possible to apply a gradient or a multi-colored pattern to a sprite?).

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