CIU version 145

Changed in v.146 :medal_sports: Idea


Is this including some special case like the Feather? We can’t destroy those feathers, but we can destroy them indirectly, so i think this is the only special case that we still can allow to get the accuracy shot for shooting the feathers.

Maybe they are counted as indestructible enemy (same goes to nova shield from Bossa Nova)

So… As you said, you can’t even take the accuracy medal in “Floating Feather” wave, since this wave only have the feathers and 3 bombs (you can’t take the accuracy medal if your total shots in a wave is lower than 10 shots).

Hmm, well it said “bullets”, bombs aren’t bullets.

No? The bomb, you know it? The Bomb in the enemy team.
One shot is enough to destroy it. In Floating Feather wave, 3 bombs mean only 3 shots, not enough 10 shots.


I can’t make exceptions to this rule.


Feel like i should’ve got one too since i spotted out the issue. Mind sharing medal?



I’m curious, is there a statue of limitations for shared ideas/medals?

The chickens inside the bubbles (balloon chickens in this case) were not supposed to have a pecking order while they’re in group of below 4 enemies

a big social button mockup, compacting all socials (forum included) into one big button

Social Button Animation

the frequency of icons changing should be slower, this is just a demonstration


iA decided had to never change since CIU version 137.

and btw is there any change about balloon chickens to shoot egg

only that ci3u shoot the egg balloon chickens.

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You mean time limitations? No, if you can prove you’ve already suggested an idea earlier, the medal is shared – even if it’s years after.


Does Pot Luck not allow any other weapon to appear other than the one equipped? Because this time, I never found any other weapon appear other than Riddler (thats the equipped weapon), even Laser Crab when losing 40% and 80% of health doesn’t drop a weapon. This was in Pot Luck (Intermediate)

Weapons in Pot Luck doesn’t drop just like in Weapons Training

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I discovered a new bug in Multiplayer, iA.

In Mother Hen-Ship, when it summons enemies (and rejoin the game), they’ll only be in one position and you can’t even hit or damage them, i re-joined with my fav weapon plasma rifle and still can’t hit them, it’s like they only spawn in one position when you rejoin but their hitboxes still in their original position.

After turning the mother hen-ship into metal:-

Notice where the toxic chicken left it’s toxic area despite it’s position at the bottom of the mother hen-ship.

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Fixed in v.146.3 :medal_sports: Bug