CIU version 145

I assume it’s this KO round.


Good luck next time @Bandicoot

I thought you can already know which match?
Just look at the name of 2 players, and mostly people always have their replies in recently video.

man your screenshot’s quality is terrible and that the channel uploads a lot…

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Sometimes a people didn’t post their link in the caption. You see, i captured that from a post in a community group in Facebook. But… Take this btw

If i were you, i’ll find it by myself.


why are seasonal contents settings is reset

It’s automatic. Choose the seasonal content you prefer to keep it.

oh i thought that was the thing being reset

Changed in v.146 :medal_sports: Idea

It’s “Dynamic DNS”. It won’t help with CIU. CIU doesn’t use DNS at all.

I don’t fully understand the situations under this would fail. The documentation at IDXGISwapChain::SetFullscreenState (dxgi.h) - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn says:

There are many reasons why a windowed-mode swap chain cannot switch to full-screen mode. Here are some examples.
- The application is running over Terminal Server.
- The output window is occluded.
- The output window does not have keyboard focus.
- Another application is already in full-screen mode.

Summer edition is almost ready.

No. You need to be causing actual damage. (Update: Verified this works correctly, there is no bug.)

Yes, that would affect the accuracy stat.

I could ignore bullets that cause no damage… but I need to think some more about the potential side-effects.


It kinda affects to the vid quality as people keep stalling the wave and shooting those which give confusion to viewers, and eventually they will learn and do the same thing which might be a disadvantage to people who dont know this and unnecessary feature

Could say it’s also weapon advantage in competitive because high accuracy weapon such as plasma rifle, positron stream and absolver are able to shoot it without miss hitting. That means player without owning those specific weapons at the beginning would get a disadvantage.

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Finally IA come after long time with a perfect news

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Now i see it :wink:

What could be the potential side-effects? Until now, these things i list here is anything that cause no damage when shooting to them:

  • Indestructible barrier
  • Supernova shield from Bossa Nova.
  • The Asteroid of Magnetic Manipulator
  • Feather
  • Interdimensional Portal
  • Yolk Star’s laser guns
  • Henterprise and the Egg Cannon when they are preparing to be died from Hend Game (actually, also 2 another variant, when the Henterprise retreat) and The Egg Cannon Cannon Cannonade. And the MHS (the villain one) when retreat.
  • The hands of Crab, UCO and Iron Chef
  • Dr.Beaker’s papers
  • Some part of Burgermeister.
  • Thundercluck’s body in 0%-50% phase, and the guitar in 51%-100% phase (the % mean the process of that wave).
  • Bubble (for protecting the enemies) (update after a while)

What could be anything else?

Update: I think we still can allow some case to boost the accuracy shot, since it doesn’t worth or too hard to keep it (and some special wave like the Feather Field mission one)


what if magnetic manipulator’s asteroid attack (the one that’s like regular asteroid waves) could come from below at 100%+ difficulty, maybe with a warning to differentiate it :p a lot of its attacks arent really threatening


There are a lot of player report this issue, people in Vietnam community is an example. Seem like this happened to everyone.

For PC, it showed like above. But for Mobile, it showed “Failed:” instead.

All people are waiting for fixing this issue.

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Seems to be an outage for the game, considering it can’t connect at all.

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There was a major incident last night at around 04:30 GMT. The database server unilaterally decided to auto-update itself, and the new update was not compatible with the game servers.

This has now been fixed.


When was the huge fuel pack added to the game? i remember i had a discusiion about it, but which version added it?



this needs the approval of interaction