CIU version 145

Now the access to the accounts is uncomfrortable because if you want to change the account you need enter to options… I think the accounts tab should be back to the main menu.


A little idea of ​​mine:
Turn the Apple Core in the boss “Shoot the core” boss into a Christmas tree during Christmas

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Or into a gingerbread house.

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But that’s already exists as a costume for the coop in CI5, maybe it should be decorated cookie but with a small bite like these:-


Or it should be turned into a Christmas bauble. Or a Christmas tree star?


Christmas Star, that would be perfect.

What do you guys think?
  • Make it look like a Decorated cookie with a small bite
  • Make it look like a Christmas bauble.
  • Make it look like a Christmas tree star.
  • Keep it untouched.
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So, if the majority votes for my idea, is there going to be another poll to let us choose between the Christmas bauble or tree star?

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I kind of forgot, sorry about this. Added this as a new option in the poll but it got reset noo xd

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I can’t be bothered to remember on which missions I used a specific weapon exclusively for a quest goal. So, what if I forget whether or not I flew a mission like that to make progress with a goal?

Frankly, it’d be much better for the UX if, at the very least, the codenames of missions already flown this way were shown upon clicking “Use weapon”, just like how “Visit constellations” shows, well, constellations you have already visited.

Until there’s a better way to check the progress of quest goals, the player could write down the list of missions flown using only one weapon and use their list to check for missions flown as such anytime, not just right after the end of each mission.

Please let me know what you think.

  • I agree, those codenames should be displayed
  • I disagree, I don’t want that help
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Sadly, unlike constellation names, mission names are not accessible player-side. The server would have to transfer them over one by one, complicating the process.



v.146 UPDATE

ETA Monday 3 June 2024 08:00-10:00 GMT


Finally, it’s show time for taking a holiday in the summer edition

I have a question (i actually not sure, so that i asked this to make sure what am i thinking)
Was that the Superchick inspired by “Superman” - a favorite DC hero? If not, something else?

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The S letter on its suit is enough to explain xd

Well, i asked this because i’m trying to think an idea about the reskin for Superchick and Infinity Chicken in Halloween edition.