CIU version 144

It doesn’t. IIRC, the green dots indicate how recently a recruit has flown their last dare. More green dots mean that their last dare was more recent.

You can’t dare recruits who haven’t logged in the past 3 days.

Correct. Flying any dare immediately fills up all 8 green squares. Then, one green dot is lost for each day that passes without league activity.

Note that logging into the game does not necessarily mean that player is also active in the league.


IA my this suggestion…

Another suggestion/idea :bulb::
Customization : Add a feature that allows you to write description of your spacecraft. Description can be shown (below of your spaceship name) when you will compare your fleet with anyone.

  • To write description, your spaceship name must be written then you will be allowed to write description.
  • You can write max description of 5 or 7 lines OR 190 letters (IA’s choice)
  • Description cost : 50 keys.
  • if you press enter 2 or more than 2 times, it will count one.
  • During comparing, size of description words will be size of spaceship’s original name (i.e M400 ).
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apparently i have alzheimers and cant remember the waves i flown in a league dare atter finishing the dare
can there be an option to still see the waves after you play the dare?

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I don’t know, but you can take screenshot of your dare waves.


Does anyone think this is a good idea…?

New main menu reveal!

But, no. This is about something different.

When you are running the game on a smartphone screen wider than 16:9, do you normally like to play with black bars on each side, or do you prefer to stretch the image to fill the entire screen?

(This is controlled by the Options → Graphics → Advanced → Letterbox setting)

I prefer…
  • Black bars
  • Stretched
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will those sns icons look that way or be switched to monochrome ones to fit in with the rest of the ui?
another button to rate the game on steam/play store/apple store might be good too


ia if there s discord server add it

@InterAction_studios Is it just me or weapons like Positron, Lightning and Plasma’s weapon sound pitch does not go back to normal when the amplifier ends? (Or when i keep shooting at the same enemy position)

it was back everything was ok i think but the mod sound confuse me of guessing

but ehh how can we setup for accounts? and changing language

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I’m sure it’s inside the “options”

but man this is not good how a newbie can find it

In today’s episode of “How to apply reading skill and its use in daily life”:

A newbie will not have an account anyway, and the game explains where to find them if you play a few missions. As for the language, it’s now detected automatically, so it shouldn’t be a problem.


More revelations:


Now that s it icons got better

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You really did a great job in improving the UI, iA :>


This update seems to be veryyy useful and great

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